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  1. Crash version 008 1605150704

    @StephDobleS are you on 32-bit operating system? or directx 9?
  2. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Hey @Adrone123 This bug is related to God Powers. If you won't throw trees or stones it won't happen. We are aware about this and working on it Thanks!
  3. V0.0.9 Lake near Ocean glitch

    Yes guys, we know about that - this is a bug related to distribution system.This will appear every time game is restarted (planet is generated). It is random so it might sometimes not happen We are redesigning it so it will be fixed Thank you!
  4. V0.0.9 Oil Panel and News menu

    Ok thank you, we will look into this. There is also slider in Game settings menu to adjust size of UI elements. If something doesn't fit please use that slider.
  5. V0.0.9 Oil Panel and News menu

    Thank you @norsegryphon can you please tell us on what resloution are you playing on?
  6. V0.0.9 Sub menu not in english

    Hey, thank you, we will fix this
  7. Main Menu Sequence

    Hey @seanw, thank you for your kind words! The globe animation was made in Maya and After Effects. The animations for menu and buttons were made in Unity 3D
  8. Nuggets hanging around epicenter

    They are forming secret society
  9. Tooltip cut off edge of screen

    And if you could tell us what type of graphic settings you have