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  1. Everything in the game regarding balance seems fine to me right now. Already it's a challenge to get people to believe. You can increase your interaction by abstaining from building. Without buildings they need to rely on your more. Don't build too many hospitals, engineers, and businesses.
  2. Treedeath?

    Build couriers and build your logging camps in the forests.
  3. Is it just me or is getting believers hard

    It's not hard if you make opportunities for belief. If you make them too self reliant by giving them inspiration to build buildings for themselves, then of course they're not going to believe in you, there is no need to. Don't build as many hospitals, engineers, and businesses, and they'll need your intervention more with rejuvenation and jolts of joy. You can also sacrifice nuggets on the altar to create belief and make things evil. We don't want to make the game too easy.