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  1. Hello all, I don't post often, but play The Universim every time a new patch is out :D. I'm loving its development. But here's an idea that I've been thinking about for a while - will there be a mechanism for managing Nugget population decreases - especially in the early game? Like everyone I get to a certain stage in the game and things go wrong. Nuggets die and the population shrinks. This means that all buildings are suddenly no longer manned - I mean - Nuggeted. It all goes wrong after that. There's not enough food or building start to collapse from lack of maintenance (as the builders have been sent to farm or fish). The population continues to shrink and any growth is off-set by further Nugget deaths. What do you all think? Would this be something that would be a good idea? A possible way to look at balancing/dealing with population decreases, might be to increase fertility or breeding after a shrink. But I don't know the game mechanics well enough to know if that would work. I'm just a game enjoyer and enthusiast, not a developer or expert. A
  2. Stone or Tree glide

    I think this is actually a really cool bug lol.
  3. v0.0.2 the end of mammoths

    I have this with nuggets, even after research of the crematory. Think this will get sorted out though, once developers have sorted out the mechanics/art work/etc. for the crematory research on the research tree.