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  1. I have a Problem when i click on my Archive (where to save) that game laggs very when i want to save the game And i love the new Sandbox mode but i would wish that we could spawn nuggets and build everything by us self then that a nugget build something and that its instant build A nice feature for the normal game would be if we could disable windstorms or Tornados And a another issue when i choosed Windpower,i builded one windmill,and after some time they just stopped to work and i loosed energy even i had 3 batterys filled they had loosing energy to but after some time they started again Sorry for the English grammar
  2. Research Prototype Panel

    Number 2 looks easier to handle,the other ones are to complex for my taste
  3. Doing Nothing

    My nuggets dont produce planks or stones in the refinerys and They stand when i click the refinery that they doing Nothing (sorry for bad english lol)
  4. game comes to an impassable wall

    Throw the death nuggets into the sea, it´s better and its cleaner i do the same .