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  1. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    ok so update with my problem. After trying it over and over, i gave my computer a restart. Now i can play the game itself BUT it is non functional. Everyone just stands still
  2. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    done everything and it still happens
  3. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    im having the same issue as well.
  4. It was dark in the night. Deep in the woods the moon glows through the trees. A group of monsters are on the lurk. In a town outside the forest people were happy and cheerful. They are celebrating Halloween to all of its glory. Children dressed up, Adults drinking to their hearts desire! The monsters in the forest see the town and its light. They look at each other, to determine their fright. The wolf man said "Frankenstein you are to stitched up! You will scare the kids!" As Frankenstein listen he replied to wolf man "Your teeth are to sharp, you will make the adults think you will eat the kids!" The witch turns to them both "You both are equally terrifying! at least for I look like a human!" Frankenstein and the wolf man howl with laughter and wolf man says "You have a big nose and are ugly!" Frankenstein says "you have warts on your nose and wear tattered clothing!" She looks down sad her heart is torn. But then an idea she puts forth. "We look like those who dressed up! We don't look ugly we have our own costumes! Let us try to join, for the fun has just begun!" As the three walked towards the town, children run laughing towards them and look up as the three tower over them. one child asks "What are you?" to the witch, who stands with a brew. she says "I am a witch young child! Drink this brew! you will feel a new!" The child takes the brew and drinks it. He gets energetic and says "Thank you ma'am! I feel ready to go!" Another one asks Frankenstein "Who are you sir?" Frankenstein booms as he laughs and replies "I am Frankenstein! I am big and strong! Climb on my back and ill carry you back!" The boy jumps on his back and they laugh and one child asked the wolf man "And who are you?" Wolf man gazes at the child with hungry eyes "I am the Wolf man! I eat small little thing! Climb on my back, and we will find our pack!" The little girl climbs on and they bring them into the town and people smile at them as they go. The witch joins the other women who dressed as witches and she teaches them to make certain brews. Frankenstein drops the child off near a table of sugar type water and he joins the brew drinkers. He chugs his brews like the men around him. Then the wolf. The wolf brings the child to an eating contest. As she steps off he goes up to the mutton eating contest. As the starting whistle blows the wolf man digs in. In just a few moments all the meat on his plate was finished and gone. As he won the contest they hear screams come from the brewery and a mob chasing out Frankenstein, then the women chasing away the witch, and then the men look at the wolf man runs to them as the people chase him. They stop at the edge of town and turn towards the mob, Frankenstein says "We mean you no harm!" the witch then says "We only wanted to join in on the fun!" then the wolf man says "We never join in!" The mob gets closer then the children stand between the mob and the monsters. "Don't hurt them!" "They've done you no harm!" "They just wanted to have fun!" Each child says. The mob thinks then says to them "Get out of the way children these monsters are evil and bad! They do not deserve a right in this part of the night!" The child in front of the witch says "The witch gave me a brew which allows me to continue the party and not loose energy!" The one in front of Frankenstein says "He gave me a piggy back ride! He hasn't harmed me! He showed me fun!" Then, the little girl that stood in front of the wolf man, quickly hugs and holds him and says "He let me ride on his back into the town! He competed with me in the food eating contest! He harmed no one! so why does he deserve your hate when they give you love!" The mob stops and looks down at there feet in sorrow. The mob threw down any weapons they had and say "We are sorry. We are scared for ourselves and our children. We can see now you have won their hearts, so you have won ours. Come and join us, in this night of fun!" The mob steps up one by one and hugged each monster for forgiveness and they hugged back. The monsters go back to where they were before. The night moved on and everyone fell asleep but the monsters. Each monster did their best to get the people into their homes and put into bed. As the monsters were leaving, the little girl showed up again. They turn to face her, and she runs to the wolf man and says "You are my best friend. Please come back soon." The wolf man hugged back and he says "I will." The little girl lets go and runs back home. The monsters do the same, back into the forest, to finish off the night, with a pleasant delight. "You are not ugly witch, you are very beautiful." The witch blushes and says "Thank you wolf. Your are not scary either." The wolf man thanks her and Frankenstein says to the wolf "Your teeth are not that sharp. They are pleasant with a grin. The wolf man says "Thank you Frankenstein. Your stitches do not make you look horrifying." Frankenstein thanks him, as they head to bed.
  5. My Bug reports

    The universim devs should add in a in-game bug reporter so the forums don't get so filled up with these topic, and they could filter them into some sort of database for themselves.
  6. Nugget Bug v0.0.1

    I have replicated this bug many times with the woodsmen. The game itself when it gets to a point where if the miners overwhelm the woodsmen, the woodsmen begin to wander off to random areas of the world. I redid this every game by adding in extra nuggets and then making everything even. Same outcome. I don't know why the woodsmen do this but it is making the game unplayable because i am unable to gather any wood. then if this bug is on and i switch everyone to woodsmen, then everyone disperses.
  7. Not able to download PA

    Mirror posted a manual on how to download the pre-alpha and play it so i assume others have the game and key.
  8. Not able to download PA

    I am unable to download prealpha and am very worried because i can hear others are able to do it. I payed $40 worth and i saw a post saying those before sep 15 or something who paid for it on the website (which i did) will be given a steam key and pre-alpha access. How do i fix this?
  9. coming up to 4th week

    it said alpha for me but there was another post elsewhere that said those who ordered alpha before september 15 would also get pre-alpha if im correct.
  10. coming up to 4th week

    I am so very confused. So kickstart backers have already been playing the pre-alpha way before us?? I would like some clarification.
  11. coming up to 4th week

    Thank you @AlexK. This was the longest time since i heard from a dev on the fourms. I have more hope now.
  12. coming up to 4th week

    I agree. when are we going to hear about what is going on and any set dates? I have been loosing hope that the devs are giving up but one of them (will not name the name so he doesn't get swarmed with mail) has been messaging me here and there telling me not to give up. I didn't ask him any of those questions but im starting to think that is what i should be doing now.