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  1. Hello! I'm Henry from Latvia. I have been here with all of you for over a half a year I think. Been inactive ,because I sold my computer. Now I'm back. It would be nice to see all the discord people we have met. I'm sure someone will still remember me.
  2. UI bugs.

    What client version you downloaded: Dashboard standalone. What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game itself Are you able to replicate the problem: Happens every time. Detailed description of the problem: As seen in the video - Main Menu button in the UI doesn't work. When I open the animal population statistics screen and scroll down with mouse wheel , the view behind unzooms , I find this really annoying and the time is just running backwards. Fix in hotfix m8s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPiURIyodS8
  3. God´s Power - Tree / Stone

    Umm. How did he toss it ?
  4. Please fix in next patch.

    @Lucas NorrThank you for everything! EDIT: Just tried setting the resolution to full, nothing happened. Restarted the game , fixed.
  5. Please fix in next patch.

    @Lucas Norr
  6. Please fix in next patch.

    And here it is again. I just changed the settings on the 0.0.6 patch and the same old texture bugs. The settings menu is really bugged out so I would advise to disable it or just leave it be completely. But the problem is that it's on max graphics on my PC by default so I urge to change them. Video coming soon.
  7. Please fix in next patch.

    Well , I have a brand new GTX 750 Ti windforce. I'm going to try reinstalling the game ,because maybe my files are corrupt.
  8. So I couldn't take a screenshot but when I was in-game I was put to max settings even though my PC can't handle it. I change the resolution and the settings. Nothing changes but the UI is huge and very , I mean vey pixelated. The clouds are either solid RED or just a picture of a planet. This was very creepy and I got like 20 fps. Gonna try out again to see if this continues.
  9. Mac Install

    Uhh. All these problems with MAC. That's why you should game on a PC ,not a mac. It's not made for games.
  10. Workers/Nuggets "stuck"

    For some reason I don't get most of the bugs reported from many users. I have never seen my nuggets get stuck and I've played really a lot of the game.
  11. Tooltip cut off edge of screen

    It seems for you the processed part is stuck too and the KB/sec is also wrong. And in this screenshot you can see the text has a solid black background and the box's bottom has no gray borders.
  12. Pre-alpha where u at?

  13. Finaly registered on the forums.