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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Thank you for expanding my post with your own words. You explain perfectly my frustration.. Most ultimately, i would love this to be a VR version of Black & White. But that isnt the pitch thats sold. But i would like the developers to stick with what they sold us initially. Its like i would tell you i would make you a beutifull wooden picket pence. But i made you a plastic one instead. Because thats what everyone wants.
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    11,617 backers on kickstarter alone. And 1186 bothered to answer an survey? And you base your development on this? Shame on you. 11.617 backers believed in your initial idea. And you are pretty much telling them thanks for the money, now f**k off. You are correct. You are destroying the initial concept. I have no idea when you might have joined the development. But knowing the history might help. The initial pitch was for you to be a "passive" god. Where you placed epicenters and your "nuggets" developed around them depending on mood, religion, technology and etc. If you watch the video i posted you would be more enriched i guess. Now we have to place pretty much every building and its enfuriating thinking of what i pumped 210$ into. You guys sold me a Fiat on a BMW promise. 22 cans said this as well. At multiple times. Right now Godus is a cowclicker mobile game. And the community is filing law suits against the company. Right, this is as much fun to hear as delivering your car to get its tires changed and return 4 weeks later to hear the engine is still out of the car. Please see your own roadmap screenshot on either facebook or in this post. Than you Alex. I will do just that. I expect i will be met with a cold shoulder and not get a refund with some standard copy/paste email in return. Hello. I backed the game with 210$ back in 2014 where you promised me a god game with little to none micromanagement where you had to do choices and research to develop your planets inhabitants and punish them if you did not agree with the direction they were taking. The game you have delivered so far is getting more and more away from the original pitch where you sold your product on through kickstarter. Instead of putting down just epicenters you now need to place down every building, wich is micromanagement. You need to place workers here and there, wich is micromanagement. And you also need to keep birthrates up. Wich is micromanagement. I have been prospected something else than i bought. And i would wish to request a refund of my 210$ initially invested. Thank you for your time.
  3. This game is so far from its original pitch now it might as well be another Godus by 22cans. Wich was a disaster. I was a moron when i backed this with 210$ and i wish i could have a refund. The original pitch back in 14' sounded amazing. no micromanagement. Make choices, see what your worshippers would do and punish them if you werent satisfied sounded awesome. I loved the idea. Finally something new. But it seems like the developers are moving into the general genre and are wanting to milk as much players as possible. Wich makes me quite sad. They are moving away from the pitch they originally sold on to change the game even further. There is too much micromanagement even to this date.
  4. Let’s talk about The Universim

    My issue with Crytivo is resolved. Thanks for the great customer support and the possibility to actually communicate. A released game. Wich we were promised in late 16' when we backed the game. I liked the trailer and kickstarter pitch i backed. The game now is more micro than you promised. Stick to the original pitch. Well, no. But there are fall pits from other similar games you should avoid. Like spore was brilliant the first two stages. By the time you got to the last stage the game was rubbish. Your civ needs to be able to fend for itself for you to go explore and expand. Make it an research even. The current level of micromanagement is insane compared to what i was promised when i opened my wallet for this game. The initial pitch was that you were to make choices for your "inhabitants". Now you need to build their buildings and manage where they work. This is not the game i backed. So, you want to dumb it down for consoles. Good for you. This is easily done by staying true to your pitch from the kickstarter. Bugs are natural to a developing game. Most annoying issue with the game is that its not done as promised. Actually, i want a refund. That would be a great reward for me. This game does not resemble the pitch i backed. And i feel i bought a BMW but got an Fiat. You are moving further and further from the pitch you sold the game on and shame on you for this. Im sure this post will be deleted. But i will keep posting it until i get my refund. And i will become an active poster. Also, im burning the poster, the t-shirt and the memory stick. What happend to you, Crytivo? This is why i backed you 210$. This is not the same game. I wouldnt be surprised if this game went the same path as Godus and ended up as a mobile game.