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  1. I think the better question is how many full time people are working on the project. From some of the Crytivo members comments before the general gag policy was put in place, quite a few people involved in the project are part-time and only putting a few hours in, whilst some are even working on a voluntary unpaid basis.

    Old news, they died ages ago. Stop digging up the past! *ba-dum-tsssh*
  3. mmmm looks delicious! Now I actually want a bagel... drats.
  4. I didn't back via Kickstarter, can I have a bagel?
  5. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Just a suggestion that the forum category description for the content get updated to reflect the new deadline as well.
  6. coming up to 4th week

    https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=iIIuR-HjFho Edit: When will these forums get replaced with something that doesn't have erratic embed behaviour that seemingly randomly decides if it wants to work or not?
  7. coming up to 4th week

    Just wondering if things were still on track for end of the week or if it's looking to be a bit longer? And also if the plans to have a overall Pre-alpha release are still a possibility or not? As from the sounds of things going by other posts Kickstarter backers still haven't received their initial heads-up E-mail about how to access the members portal (AKA Dashboard) in preparation. But I notice activity with CD keys was going on yesterday on the Steam end of things. In relation to this btw, the opposite seems to be the case based on what Alex has posted. Website backers will only be able to use the patcher which is likely to be Windows only unless the OSX version of the patcher is ready in time. Whilst KS backers who are accessing the pre-alpha through Steam will (in some cases like OSX at least) be playing without the patcher at all with the game just updating through Steam. If the Windows version of the Steam pre-alpha will also bypass the patcher like the OSX version has said to do is a bit of a grey area though. Which kind of raises some eyebrows about the whole "The game can't work without the patcher as it's so embedded and changing it would be too much work" statements from Peanut a short while back, but hey.... whatever gets it out.
  8. coming up to 4th week

    As Alex mentioned, no one except KS backers will be able to access the game via Steam until the game properly releases on Steam Early Access. Apparently Valve won't allow it. It was a bit of a open statement regarding wither that was a direct confirmation that website backers would definitely be getting Steam keys immediately once the game enters Early Access or not. But it certainly left it open as a possibility.
  9. How my people should see me

    Is that the God Emperor's 2nd distant cousin twice removed?
  10. coming up to 4th week

    Cool, thanks.
  11. coming up to 4th week

    So to clarify: * The build itself works fine with OSX so both a Windows and OSX version will be distributed to Kickstarter backers who have access via Steam. * However a OSX version of the patcher/launcher may not be ready for simultaneous access for non-Steam access, but a OSX version of the patcher/launcher shouldn't be too long in following for the rest of the backers to download to also have access. That an accurate summary?
  12. coming up to 4th week

    ??? Edit: nvm, just realised it was likely meant to be quoting Kira's post.
  13. coming up to 4th week

    Thanks for the clarification. Bit of a shame that not everyone will be able to get immediate on-board via Steam, but providing the pre-alpha patcher/updater gets added to the members portal at the same time as the Steam keys go out then really it's not a big deal at all except for those with E-peen issues. Looking forward to it.
  14. How my people should see me

    To gaze upon me would shatter even the most stable of minds, voices would whisper to them at night of dark secrets that make one question the very nature of reality and those not completely broken by the experience would find themselves undertaking eldritch transformations. To gaze upon such as myself would not be for the likes of Nuggets.
  15. coming up to 4th week

    Did wonder why specifically just Kickstarter backers would be receiving instructions on how to access their dashboard. Don't other backers get a dashboard? By dashboard I figured it was referring to the member account portal on the main site, but if not and it's something specific to Kickstarter backers, then what's it referring to?