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  1. I think the better question is how many full time people are working on the project. From some of the Crytivo members comments before the general gag policy was put in place, quite a few people involved in the project are part-time and only putting a few hours in, whilst some are even working on a voluntary unpaid basis.
  2. Perhaps it's more a character spacing issue, or perhaps someone figured resizeable text for dynamic sized fields was a good idea.
  3. v 0.0.2 Plots building ressource (resolved)

    I think this is the bug where the wood and stone are shown in the wrong place in the bottom toolbar rather than a bug with the farm plots isn't it?
  4. Hard Lock at 20 Minutes

    It's clear by comments made from officials such as Peanut's Post Pre-Alpha release that the current state is intended... you'll notice in the build itself at the bottom of the loading screen it says the build will last EXACTLY 20 minutes... Not 'Approximately'. Not 'Roughly' EXACTLY Close your eyes, stamp your feet, cite impressions of what was stated, build a fort out of pillows, call it a bug..... do whatever you want... Doesn't change that it seems pretty clear that it's stated to be intended to be EXACTLY 20 minutes right there in the game. Edit: And as others have pointed out, there's literally no real functionality attached to anything in place at the moment. About 2 or 3 researches actually do anything. Only 1 or 2 of the buildings you can build do anything... farms seem to not really do much at all.... pretty much everything is a empty shell where later something will be. A picture to say "This is how it will one day be like... except there will actually be something here and not just this non-functionality purely cosmetic front". When you fired up the Pre-Alpha, placed the Epicentre and tweaked worker focuses... you had pretty much tested all the 'stone age functionality' there is. The duration restriction doesn't stop you testing functionality, as there isn't even 5 minutes of functionality to test with the vanilla code the build ships with.
  5. Population 0 but nugget still alive and walking

    The very existence of nuggets is a bug at present. So yes, it's a bug.
  6. steam version

    Could be something as simple as someone uploaded a log/config file as part of the build push to Steam, and when you fire up the game the log/config file changes, if you then validate your game files Steam has no way to tell what it is... just that it doesn't add up to what it has, even if it's something that shouldn't really have been included in the build pushed for distribution in the first place.

    Old news, they died ages ago. Stop digging up the past! *ba-dum-tsssh*
  8. Cemetery Overlay Stuck

    I get the same thing.
  9. 20 min cap clearer

    Sadly not. The problem seems to be specifically with nugget behaviour. At a certain point for all intents and purposes their AI just stops working properly and they fall apart at the foundations. I've had a stockpile of 140 food, and nuggets dying of starvation, refusing to build, refusing to collect more food and so forth. Because their ability to do most things just breaks apart, even spawning in new nuggets seems to lead to them spawning with broken behaviour most of the time. So the problem isn't really a balancing one in that regard, but seemingly a fundamental flaw with how nugget AI is being handled. Though if the problem lies with job/role assignment behaviour, path finding, not identifying interactive objects or whatever else... well it could be pretty much any number of things. To extend the duration, you'd need to start diving into changing nuggets and a few other things to do with tutorial elements I would suspect.
  10. tutorial

    The tutorial most definitely should carry on once you reach the wood and stone collected values (though I could have sworn it was 25 of each?). After you've collected the requested amount of stone and wood it should then move on to explain building dwellings, research and other aspects. If you skip the tutorial you can access research after placing a epicentre, though a lot of researches do practically nothing at this point.
  11. Not sure if you mean actual potato farming or some euphemism.
  12. Huge frame drop

    Similar already reported here: https://theuniversim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1764-lag-with-too-much-population/ But yep, Pre-alphas aren't really about optimisation being in place yet. That's really a beta phase thing.
  13. Revision number: 0.01.15102655 Distribution Platform: Dashboard Launcher Really minor one, but for the sake of covering all possible "Well it doesn't happen on the dev machines" scenarios, if you choose to skip the tutorial when loading a new world you're then notified in the event log that you have just made it to the Medieval era.
  14. Farm interface glitches

    Additionally around 124 population I lost the ability to assign workers to the fields. I was unable to unassign nuggets from the farms, but once they were removed clicking to assign more did absolutely nothing. Unsure if this was caused by the sheer volume of population and the performance issues that brings breaking aspects of the game, or if it may be related to the 2nd farm unlock which is supposed to grant more farmer assignment slots but seems to not actually do anything at present.
  15. lag with too much population

    Noticing the same with 124 population, plus additional weirdness with some interfaces such as the farming interface seemingly breaking completely and it being impossible to assign workers to the fields any more.