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  1. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    I think everything said so far can be consolidated into few words: Less micromangement, more automation, more elements of a GOD game, because this is a GOD game! I can't agree more. I really miss the good old Black and White and Populous , but I wish for more! I want to move buildings, mountains and rivers, because I can! I want to throw things around when I am in the mood. I want to punish them with storms and plagues if they fail badly. But I also want to support and guide them, show them mercy and bless them with new inventions in form of ideas or whatever I like to give them. I want to have the planet under my control and even create a monster if I want to have a nice pet to play with. They must feel my presence and power and obey (voluntarily or forced). I want to play a GOD game...
  2. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    For sure, the game lacks the "god" aspect quite obviously right now. Hopefully this will change when the game progresses further to a beta state (as soon as possible)...