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    We knew you only so briefly, Gobbets. With your, uh, multi-coloring, and, uh, other stuff...? You were always, um, destroying other people's housed when yours were destroyed, I guess... ... Would anyone like to say a few words?
  2. Placement of founding nuggets

    In the future you can just say "0.0.1" instead of "0.0.15102655". Also, this is something that definitely needs to be fixed.
  3. Nuggets hanging around epicenter

    Same thing here, but it starts happening with >5 or so nuggets.
  4. Cemetery Overlay Stuck

    After not placing but kind of hovering it over the land, and then putting it away, a cemetery left its little overlay stuck on my planet.
  5. Crazy Wind

    VERSION: Dashboard, V 0.0.1 REPLICATION: I'm not sure how to, I just sort of found it. DESCRIPTION: Wind goes crazy around a missing texture (here). Is slightly annoying. Here it is, with increased saturation and highlights: And an over-saturated weather map:
  6. Black hole and other little things

    I just had this same bug.
  7. VERSION: Dashboard, V 0.0.1 REPLICATION: Started a new world, tried again, same bug. DESCRIPTION: My lil doods just kind of face-plant into the dirt while supposedly 'gathering wood'. Don't try to lie to me, little Nuggets, get up and stop napping. This one is from a different game: And yes, he is pace down in the water, and no, I don't know why. EDIT: For those who might be curious; yes, I made sure they weren't dead.
  8. Okay. Version 0.0.1. I could probably replicate it. I'm using the patcher too. *** So, I'm actually pretty bad at the game. But I don't mind. So I restart my planet to get a fresh start after the tutorial, but in the bottom left, I see the names of some of my old Nugs, and the notices are all like "___ is hungry." But I thought he was gone?
  9. Infinite Nuggets

    Okay. Version 0.0.1. Maybe this is a regular feature, but in the 'Epicenter Priorities' tab, there is just a button that makes more Nuggets? Like, no breeding or anything, just *pop!* a new nugget. Here is an image for reference:
  10. Steam group!

    Oh, really? I wish I'd known sooner!
  11. Steam group!

    Why don't we make one?
  12. How my people should see me

    He stares into the camera knowing the twisted nature of his attack pains not the body, but the mind. His cold gaze has driven men to insanity. The black cruelty of his magic is none like we have ever seen before. EDIT:
  13. Sim City 5 Anyone?

    It's very nice, I think; it's like the simplicity of Windows 7 with the minimalism of Windows 8. It's basically just a Windows 7 reskin.
  14. Sim City 5 Anyone?

    I used to love SimCity 5 back when I was a wee noob to PC gaming, it's nice to see someone else who played (and kind of) liked it!