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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    My only problem with the game in its current form is huts, its to damn many huts, its flooding the planet wich is one of the main problemts we are faceing this stage, and nuggets slots in buildings are way way to low. Things needs to be more centrelized.
  2. Jeah did the same thing can confirm it works. Its jsut not fun. This game was not supposed to be about making one huge village ooozing out over the entire planet. Unless they manage to make the village more compact this will end in disaster.
  3. I wonder when we get all stages

    Well loking at how it is now https://twitter.com/TheUniversim?ref_src=twsrc^tfw All there is to do is oooze out and cover the planet, wich really sucks imo, i wanted this to be samll village turing into modern towns, compressed, not one huge town covering the planet like godus was, it sucks to say it, but that is how game is right now, and seeing how far we are in development, i dont think its going to change. How many planets do you fill up untill it gets boring. They should have gone the route that Black & White did wich was awsome, small compressed villages wich is still alive with all the mechanichs we have now, but that is my dream og how this would turn out since the kickstarter. But there might still be hope left
  4. I wonder when we get all stages

    So, we are in the blue area still. Where is hunting and exploration? Instead they are adding hapiness and xray buildings. And i dont like what they did with the reaserch either, i dont want random research, i want to choose what i need when i need it, its really annoying. And we are getting stoneage one building at a time, so progress is really slow. I have a hard time seeing this beeing anything other than one village populating the whole planet type of game. It needs to be condensed alot and alot has to change for this to be enjoyable imo, it needs to be more like black and white in like a type of small villages type of thing rather than just bloating outwards like godus was. Fighting against other villages like in populus and b&w, wee need some kind of purpose in this game and im not seeing that, and i have a feeling we are so far along that, that may never change and what we started with or the idea of what is was in the beginning is not what we are going to end up with, or atleast what i hoped it would become. But with the slow progress, we might still get it, hopefully. But as of now, its still just at tech alpha demo imo.
  5. glich

    Did you even read trough the bug section of the forums? ^^
  6. [Resolved] buildings been built on each other

    Pretty shure its been reported on allready
  7. Research Stuck

    You are lucky if you can even complete one of the branches. But it really dosent matter as noting of the tech actually works or makes a difference, other than the warehouse and granery that collects recourses but quickly gets filled up becouse the upgrades dont work. So if i where you i wouldt bother witch researching untill it actually works.
  8. Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    So whats your expected time to get the first update out?
  9. Game stops progressing

    Well, its the only bug i have to report so far, the 7 or 8 game now, and thats all thats happening to me. Not much more for me to do untill we get an update.
  10. Game stops progressing

    Build number: 0.0.1 What version you downloaded: Dashboard client What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: It happens each game. Detailed description of the problem: Around 20 or so population the progress just stops. Research wont finish, kids wont grow up, wont build structures. They do gather resources tough. The furthest i have gotten is 26 population. Added a screenshot. http://oi62.tinypic.com/2mri047.jpg
  11. ​I backed on the site, i think it was like last fall or somehere around there. Its the same email.