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  1. [v0.0.7] Lake graphic glitch when it is placed next to the sea

    @Nearth Thanks for pointing this out This is a known issue caused by the lake "bounds" being too small in the database, so the area they test during placement is much smaller than the actual area they take up, so they are deemed valid even though they overlap with each other/water. This is fixed along with the new object distributor Geoffrey and I have spent much of the last few weeks on, though it's probably not going to make it into v0.8 (it's pretty much complete and working as advertised, but there are some minor bugs to fix, and because we rewrote most of it from scratch, we want to give QA a LOT of time to test it before we include it in a public release). We may change the database values for the patch, but there's also the possibility that we'll be forced to leave them for technical reasons involving the database and source control merging. But either way, thanks again for playing and posting, and if you see this issue in v0.8, know that its days are limited, and should be gone by v0.9 at the latest
  2. Epicentre not establishing

    @Trance1223 I'll look into this. Just to be clear though, you can still place the epicenter correctly if you don't click no, and confirm the first time, right? Also, I moved this to the bug report section
  3. Graphics bug - v 0.0.6

    @Didier Laumen This should be fixed as of the hotfix. We removed the texture resolution setting from the quality settings menu, as this was confirmed to be the source.
  4. Jokes

    Near patch time, I tend to overflow
  5. Jokes

    There are 10 kinds of people: those that understand binary, and those that don't.
  6. Bug or issue?

    @DerpaDalton Yeah, the nuggets stop gathering for a while due to a bug that's been fixed, but the hotfix for it is currently in the process of QA to make sure we don't break things further with our patch haha. The research panel is meant to be disabled for the time being, but we overlooked the tutorial section, which lets you bypass this. Bonfires and roads aren't fully implemented yet either, and are similarly disabled.
  7. Nuggets not doing their jobs

    Thanks guys We started some internal testing of the hotfix, so hopefully we can your guys' workers to stop slacking soon.
  8. V0.0.6 Pathing Bug

    @KyloRen Not sure "exactly" what causes this (haven't spent hardly any time on the actual pathfinding implementation), but I know the gist of the bug is that the pathfinding can't find a valid route, so an NRE halts the Courier job (maybe others too, but his is the version I'm most familiar with) to a loop of trying to go somewhere, idling, and looking for places to go. I know Grey wanted to go through some pathfinding stuff the other day, so this may be solved soon. The way I've managed to avoid it for the most part is to leave enough room between things so that there's always a clear path. I find a half epicenter gap minimum is pretty sufficient. Thanks for pointing out another bug!
  9. V.0.0.6, hard shadow

    Just realized the irony of having the title graphics wizard when this is what I output... For those not in the know, I'm a graphics programmer, and in no way a traditional artist: I'm used to doing a bit of math and making the computer spit out pretty stuff, not this bizarre way of using hand-eye coordination and natural talent... bleh...
  10. V.0.0.6, hard shadow

    I'm sure we'll do something relating to the moon at some point, but either way, a "night light" so to speak is necessary, as even fancier ambient lighting only is much too flat. As far as having shadows at night, from an art direction standpoint I agree that it would make more sense not to have them for now (as they don't have a definite source), but for our purposes, there's also some good reasons for keeping them: it's better in the long run to design the game and visuals around them being there, and for performance reasons, I think better it's have their impact in the game early and work to improve it including this, rather than get things to an acceptable part later, then add them in and have to dig our way back out of that haha. But that's just my opinion haha. As far as the shadows going the wrong way at sunset/rise, that's an issue I've made various steps towards at least improving. The issue is that the lights are two directional lights (both the most accurate simulation of the situation, and the most performance friendly), which means that the light can't "wrap around" the horizon like it tends to here on Earth (because it gets scattered by the atmosphere). So the furthest a light can affect is pretty much the exact halfway point, leading to the other affecting and shadow casting on any beyond that line, even if they seem like they should be affected by the other. One way to fix this would be to slightly offset the rotation so that they stretch over this boundary just enough. The attached "illustration" is super simplistic, but I'd like to think it gets the idea across. The dark arrows are the original direction, while the lighter ones are the offset, visually "correct" direction. Haven't tried it in game, but either way, this is the issue we're dealing with, and I thought that by throwing it out there, any possible solutions you guys come up with could be helpful. Cheers!
  11. V0.0.6 Epi Center on top of trees

    This one's been known for months, but nobody's seemed to have solved it yet (doesn't hurt that it isn't a major issue haha). Alex offered a pretty substantial bounty, but us devs have been foolishly focusing on the game breakers instead (or maybe it's because we're just such good people) I can't even count how many times it's been supposedly "solved" haha
  12. What is the probability....

    @chadocity I'm certainly glad you feel that way! @stampedo400 Go ahead! Like I said, I love math, and these sorts of problems are fun, but out of the ordinary for me, and I could use the practice
  13. V0.0.6 Epi Center on top of trees

    @KyloRen It sounds like the real issue here is your greed Yasen already started work on this and some other building placement bugs for v7
  14. What is the probability....

    @stampedo400 Cool! I had to refresh myself a bit when figuring it out haha, but that's because the human brain is NOT made for statistics. That's one area especially where our intuition and reality are constantly at odds. But yeah, I love math too My apologies to @chadocity's loved ones. You have my deepest condolences... It's actually not that bad though! It generates a smooth, pseudorandom noise like this: It takes a 3D point, which is the 2D texture coordinate plus the game time, multiplied by the frequency (scale), and gets the nearest "simplex" from a grid. In this case, that means a tetrahedron, or pyramid of 4 equilateral triangles, but in general, it just means a "regular n-dimensional triangle" (an equilateral triangle is a 2D simplex). It then gets a pseudorandom direction for each of the 4 corners using their position as input, and a value between -1 and 1 is determined based on the how closely this direction matches the direction from the corner to the point, and how close the point is to the corner. These 4 values are added together to get the overall output value for that point, still between -1 and 1. This is then whole process is repeated and the output added to a running total, with smaller pyramids each time, and a smaller output, so that the first passes have large, strong features, and the later ones fine, subtle details. These passes are called octaves (because they're traditionally double the frequency, like a music octave). Afterwards, we convert it from -1 to 1, to 0 to 1, for use in a few different ways, but especially for breaking up the way the two versions of the wave texture are blended. This is done for every pixel of water, every frame, while a slightly different implementation of Simplex Noise is used to generate the biome distribution data used by the terrain generator.
  15. V0.0.6 Epi Center on top of trees

    @KyloRen Creative bug finding! I don't think that's something us devs thought of