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  1. Holiday!

    Hey guys, just informing you that I'll be on holiday all next week. If you need me, just send me a PM, so I can get notified via email Please be nice to eachother and behave. Clean your hands before dinner and wash your faces before bed, especially behind your ears, or no cookies when I come back!
  2. Top 5 Steam Games?

    Top 5 as in the ones I played more or the ones I keep playing? Played more according to my profile: XCOMKerbalCiv 5Endless LegendsGTA 5What I play more nowadays: Witcher 3FactorioAnno 1404FFXIVEndless Legends Although just about to break another milestone:
  3. Holiday!

  4. Hi there, I come today with a question, maybe you guys can help me out. Please consider me not talking as part of Crytivo Games for this, it's a personal pet project, and there is no way it has anything to do with The Universim. For the past couple years, I have been working on a card/board game. One could call it a TCG or CCG with a game board, to make it simple. The issue is that there is also a mobile app that goes with it. Without going to deep into the mechanics of the game, each player has a deck of 30-60 cards, which all need to be represented in the mobile app at all times. Only at game setup, no need to touch the app during play. I have narrowed down several ways to do this, in a cost- and time- efficient way: 1. Manually on the app via grid: the cards would be divided per category and the players need to enter each card by associating each card with the mobile counterpart. Example: You need to enter a laser rifle, so you tap Weapon, then Ranged and then you look for the icon that is the same image as on the card. 2. Manually on the app via code: each card, on the corner, would have a 2 letter and 2 numbers code. The letters would represent the category and the numbers represent the item number. Let's say again the laser rifle. The code would be WR05 (weapon, ranged, and 5 is the 5th rifle created for the game). The user would have something looking like a keyboard, to enter the card code. 3. RFID: each card would contain a read-only coating or chip, and the player should buy an RFID reader to transmit the data to the app. chips raise the card price by 5-10 cents, and the reader can cost 5$ for a USB version or 25$ for a bluetooth, according to certain Chinese manufacturers. I'd rather not have to deal with hardware issues. 4. Barcode scanner: each card would have a barcode at the bottom that can be scanned via a laser scanner, which cost around 15$ for a bluetooth version. Price of card remains untouched. 5. QR code: each card would have on the back a QR code for any phone/tab camera to read. To avoid card damages and stains, it should be coated in transparent polyvinyl fluoride (PVF), which makes them almost indestructible, but raises individual card cost by 1-2 cents, which is acceptable. Also, most phones people have are quite slow and QR deciding is a slow process and noone really managed to do it properly with games. Please note that these methods should be super quick, as they have to be repeated 30-60 times per deck per player. These decks can then be saved, modified and shared digitally. The issue is data entry. None of these options really work for me. Either they involve a device, or they're slow, or they're expensive. I am now lost, so would like to hear from you alternatives. Many thanks
  5. One more concern with the Universim

    ​One will make it hard. 2 will make it extremely difficult. 3 would consider the planet unlivable under normal circumstances. You'd have to re-terraform it or live in domes under constant radiation attacks
  6. One more concern with the Universim

    ​Possible, too early to know
  7. One more concern with the Universim

    Physical planet destruction is not possible (yet), but just because the planet is still whole, it doesn't mean it's liveable. Radiation, mutants, deathclaws...
  8. One more concern with the Universim

    ​Nope, or a nuke would have the radius of a couple hundred meters. One blast would be the equivalent of destroying more than all North America, plus fallout, plus nuclear winter. You don't fuck with the atom!
  9. One more concern with the Universim

    Nukes will behave like nukes, not like Rise of Empires / Civilization. Drop a couple of them and the planet will be so radiated and destroyed you might as well abandon it.
  10. Physical cards to mobile device issue

    ​Correct ​Yes, but such alphanumeric code is easily hackable. Plus, if you need to enter 8 letters and numbers up to 60 times, it'll get old very fast...
  11. A little poem

    Thanks, Edgar Allan Nugget!
  12. A nugget's divine meeting

    Love the idea of a story, but had to move this to the off-topic Keep it up!
  13. Huehuehuehue. Look at #6 http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-early-access-games-that-completely-screwed-customers/ PS: I own all 6
  14. Vacation

    There is where I had planned my honeymoon, like my parents before me
  15. Vacation

    Welcome back! Now grab that pickaxe and start mining some coal, you slacker!
  16. Vacation

    Oh, you lucky fuc... person! Now who's gonna provide the community with their fix?
  17. ​I exist to serve little girls. No candy, though
  18. ​I wouldn't dare either. I'll take the art team hostage until they are included. At least tigers, if that is ok with her
  19. Upcoming things

    ​Reminds me of Copyright Infringement Simulator 2015:
  20. Mad Max!

    Don't need a reason to post this pic, so... enjoy this awesome fan art from our great illustrator!