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The golden archangel

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  1. Great to see universim alive and kicking in 2018, been busy for a while but I am back to the forums.

  2. Cannot play new version , Because my game can't connect to update server, help please 

  3. Hi , this is embarrassing. But how do I change my profile picture

    1. OviiiOne


      You must click on the edge of your profile pic:




      This link should work too: https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/profile/7004-the-golden-archangel/photo/

    2. The golden archangel
  4. Happy to finally experience the pre-alpha 

  5. Excited over universim and hopefully catching on


    1. theone102


      I really hope so! I told most of my friends, but they don't like god games much :P

    2. The golden archangel

      The golden archangel

      Welcome to the club mate