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  1. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    While I am trying to remain optimistic, I get the distinct feeling I have been suckered
  2. Great to see universim alive and kicking in 2018, been busy for a while but I am back to the forums.

  3. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    I think that the game lacks the god aspect but it’s still in development so I am willing to wait and see. But my only complaint is the seemingly set path for your civilisation. Why can’t I have a civilisation of nomads or sea faring peoples and different technology development paths that lead to some Shizo tech civilisation. Otherwise I understand that the universim is a very huge ambitious undertaking and that the development team needs a lot of time and effort to streamline so no rush so long as the final result is AWSOME
  4. Research Prototype Panel

    3 is more streamlined and anaesthetically pleasing.
  5. Micromanagement in the game

    I agree with the above. I suggest that the industrial/modern era be more fast paced and larger in scale as once you get industrlisation on a large scale, technological development becomes much faster. Maybe the ability to place entire towns cities and influence their direction and philosophy. Example, you can influence them to be environmentally friendly and self sustainable, resulting in a city with a green feel and less of a drain on natural resources but very slow in terms of population growth. Or a rapidly growing metropolis that grows rapidly at the expense of most nuggets living unhealthy lifestyles. I think that nuggets should begin to build buildings such as hospitals and eateries by themselves at some point but it is you through certain choices that determines wether hospitals are state of the art or relatively primitive. Your actions might also influence the nuggets culture (use too much fire to scare them and they become scared of it , resulting in them being reluctant to use smithing and such) finally there could be multiple nations or cities which have different political views, systems and tensions and its up to you to stop them from going to war (or encouraging it ) . That’s all for now, keep up the good work guys
  6. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    I feel like there is a fine balance between having a game with so much micromanaging that it’s boring and a game where everything is automated to the point where you are just a spectator. I think that it would be best for the responsibilities you have to evolve from one era to era . Example, Stone Age nuggets are weak and ignorant so they would probably need a lot of help to survive so you have to manage them effectively but as time goes by , they become more independent so instead of telling them where to build things they do it themselves when needed , but when a catastrophe plague comes by it will be up to you to help them adapt to it technologically (teaching them medicine, graveyards ) , Biologically (encourage breeding of immune nuggets) and socially (teach hygiene, remove superstitious nuggets that attack hospitals and such ) . This can vary from disaster to disaster and depends on what you taught them previously. And as their societies evolve you will have to deal with new issues like civil wars and such . Maybe even choose a royal family or something On another note maybe you could be the one to throw challenges at them to see how they deal with it and step in if they seem to be going extinct. Oh and something I wanna ask shouldn’t there be more eras in the game (including a dinosaur one)
  7. Cannot contact the update server

    Cannot contact the update server So whenever I try to update to the candy lizard patch , my game cannot contact update server. So what do I do
  8. Cannot play new version , Because my game can't connect to update server, help please 

  9. Hi , this is embarrassing. But how do I change my profile picture

    1. OviiiOne


      You must click on the edge of your profile pic:




      This link should work too: https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/profile/7004-the-golden-archangel/photo/

    2. The golden archangel
  10. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

    The nuggets have lived on the mother planet for a 100 years now. They were expanding, but one place , they always took note not to disturb, was the tenebris forests , for in this place , the souls of the ancestors resided in harmony with nature and they were not to be disturbed, or there would be horrible consequences. The nuggets abided by this law for a time, but as generations went by , they became more greedy . And for that they would pay a price. The nuggets in their greed , started cutting down the trees to build their eateries or farms and it wasn't long before stones were being taken as well. The spirits were patient though and hoped the nuggets would stop their hubris but they kept at it and before long only a single tree remained. The spirits decided it was time to punish their arrogant descendants . For the months, things were going from bad to worse, crops were dying, fishermen couldn't catch fish and women weren't able reproduce. A series of horrific accidents followed. Uno the weatherman fell off the forecast tower, dying , with the tower itself catching fire. A whirlpool swallowed five fishermen and soon a fog swallowed the whole settlement . Sightings of a terrifying faceless nugget soon spread . Nuggets began disappearing without a trace , their horrified screams fueled their friends paranoia . The remaining nuggets huddled at the witch doctor, who attempted to communicate with the spirits but the spirits were not in a charitable mood and the nuggets found themselves surrounded by their undead former friends closing in for the kill, but at the last moment , the spirits changed their minds and the undead disappeared and the fog went away. The survivors left the ruined settlements and found a new home someplace else . The abandoned village serves to this day as a reminder of what happens when you anger the spirits.
  11. No mans sky

    No man's sky is going to be the biggest game ever , like literally. They say there will be 16 quintillion planets for you to explore. Does anyone think the Universim can match that
  12. Nuggets always thirsty or hungry

    Nuggets always thirsty or hungry Okay so no matter how many water pumps, reservoirs or wells I build the nuggets seem to be always thirsty and reach a point where half die from dehydration and no matter how much I assign to be foragers , farmers or cooks they eventually die from starvation
  13. Population 0 but nugget still alive and walking

    Maybe angels or reapers collecting their souls and you all are next
  14. Happy to finally experience the pre-alpha 

  15. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    So is the contest over ?????