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  1. E3

    ​For real. I was watching it and had tears in my eyes. With all the the damn "reboot" Thing they always say... they captured the star wars feeling incredibly good. I think.. they got me. Jup, but i think they will Need month to do Really FF7 HD? bought ! Anno was a real suprise for me. never mentioned that. Looks good. Everytime i see a new inGame Video of The Division... i had that strong "must have" feeling inside me aweeeeesome Hope they can Keep the good promises ​
  2. E3

    Really? i Love them they did a great job with the whole fallout series.. even Dishonored was a great game. What i hate about them that they released the Fallout App just for ios this morning and thexy wanna start their own Plattform like origin, and Ubisoft, and WB and so on.. Yeah... more launchers on PC.
  3. E3

    Woaaa Fallout 4 Good Start for the E3. After i watched the Bethesda Opening i want to have the Collectors Edition. Ab real Pip-boy 3000 amazing Thrown my Creditcard at my Screen but sadly nothing happened. There are 2 games left i am so curious about. The Division and of course the Universim. some other fanboys here, like me :)?
  4. What kind of badges are the ones promised buy pledging the actual packs (Iguan badge, T-Rex badge, ect) ? Are they already designed? Do they look as great as the pictures?
  5. Join to strike need alpha game !!

    ​That are awesome good News Ok a bit late. i begged my best friend for his creditcard . I am curious, what helped to change PayPal's mind?