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  1. Top 5 Steam Games?

    1. Universe Sandbox 2 (I like Alpha versions.. so funny) 2. Endless Legend - Guardians (I like the Guardians :3) 3. Planetary Annihilation Titans (I think i have a preference vor DLC's ^^') 4. Shelter (That game is so lovely ^^) 5. The Forest (I'm still looking for my Son... many Updates later! :D)
  2. Happy Birthday Roumsen!

    The show is not over yet! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Geburtstag (nachträglich) Bleibe uns noch lange erhalten! (Best wishes for your Birthday And stay with us for a really long time. ) WE LOVE YOU ROUMSEN
  3. bee mortality

    I have signed the Petition! And a friend that i telled after i saw it here, too.
  4. Join to strike need alpha game !!

    ​Good news my friend the Problem has fixed! Link: https://twitter.com/TheUniversim/status/600440363539660800 Now everything will be fine. I swear by the Great Alex above us!
  5. Those Germans

    Oh boy ;D Like ,,Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz" :D
  6. Jokes

  7.   Make Sure you're Kickstarter Email is the same like this one you logged in in the Forum. When it's not please PM Jespergrip he will find a solution.
  8. Uhh finally Backer badges for none Kickstarter backer! Email is the same like there from the universim website! :) (Have donate 120 $ Extraterrestrial Graffiti Edition) Edit:   Ha ha ha... Look at this... look i'm a man who cry... look... I have my badge... It's beautiful.. Thank you JesperGrip. Here a cookie for you!
  9. Wow looks awesome too... I like it :)
  10.   Yes sir! Sad :D   Okay! just impatient :/
  11. Hello there! I donate 120$ via Paypal on The Website! (Because i missed Kickstarter Project, Bank i hate you!) I shouldn't have a Copper Forum Badge! Can i have it please? :) Oh and yeah the Email from the Account on the Website and the Account in the Forum are the same! Thank you :)