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  1. Workers/Nuggets "stuck"

    Getting this bug or similar. Workers that are assigned come back to eat but just stand and stare at the food basket. Work around is to unassign the workers and wait one night cycle then assign them again in the morning. This at least lets me keep them alive.
  2. coming up to 4th week

    So should Kickstarter's be able to login to the Dashboard now? This is getting quite confusing in this thread, could we maybe get it locked and an official FAQ regarding which backers should see what posted somewhere please?
  3. The post above mine asked if they got a forum post for backing $40 but they edited their post so now mine looks lost and confused!
  4. I'm sorry to say that based on the first post it doesn't look like it
  5. Sim City 5 Anyone?

    @Lucas Norr I love it, we've updated all our developers (who use VS2013) without any issues or loss, the upgrade time is a bit of a stinker but we have poor broadband speed in the office so expect that didn't help. TBH it's not much of an upgrade from 8.1 but 7 -> 10 will have you looking around for some things. Overall I'm pleased with it and had no issues but none of my devices at home or the office had NVidia GPU's which was the only thing I heard people complain about. But then I didn't dislike Windows 8.1 either!
  6. Sim City 5 Anyone?

    Is the traffic still bugged and is there still only one way to make a huge population city?
  7. Sorry for my absence

    No need to be sorry for something beyond your control, welcome back! The community has been a buzz of activity in your absence.
  8. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    How long before we have the Avenger Nuggets? - Suitably altered so as to avoid any legal action obviously!
  9. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    It is a bit of a wall of legal text!
  10. Funny thing I just stumbled on...

    Yeah, as the topic says I stumbled upon it at the The Mandate game, another Kickstarter I followed. I expect it shows up at most Kickstarter/EA projects at some point, for some reason this is the only forum I really follow, the Mandate one is much quieter and far more laid back about delays and updates, kind of odd if you ask me but just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.
  11. Funny thing I just stumbled on...

    Those skill set's are completely out of my range although I'm totally up for the idea if someone can make it happen!
  12. What're You Listening To?

    Was that one of the Humble books that was recently on?
  13. Not quite relevant now, but after this week thought it would make a few people smile (if they've not also seen it before)...
  14. What're You Listening To?

    I find music a powerful emotional tool, I'd recommend dropping something to make time for music! Just be sure to find something new every once in a while to listen to, I believe that's why these threads tend to pop up on nearly every forum i visit
  15. What're You Listening To?

    I change my music depending on what I'm doing, usually have a mix of various artists on at work where I am now ranging from Calvin Harris, Florence, Lindsey Stirling and Birdy through to Two Steps, John Murphey, System F and Daft Punk! When I'm doing dedicated programming work though I tend to focus in on Two Steps or John Murphy and other orchestral/dramatic music I believe the term is Eclectic?