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  1. Tooltip cut off edge of screen

    Yeah I've just noticed that too. They are inserting the word "enqueue" , which exists but is not very in use. To Enqueue (verb) - to make it such that it becomes a queue or part of an existing queueueu (damn hard word to spell even for a french person)
  2. tutorial

    Yeah but it was stopping at a much earlier stage than that. After the workers had gathered well past 20 wood and 20 stone, nothing else was showing...
  3. tutorial

    Ah strange! The tutorial now decided to go past that point and voila! The tech tree is now available... The tutorial, at least in my case, seems to only go beyond the point mentioned in my original post when I leave the game screen and come back to it later. Not a question of time because I had the game running much longer than this current run.
  4. tutorial

    Where is it supposed to finish? I don't seem to get anything else past "have workers gather 20 wood and 20 stone" and, to my embarrassment, I still cannot find where the tech tree is? I see a button top/right but when I click on it nothing comes up. Am I just looking at the wrong place?
  5. [Resolved] UI- esc button not working.

    I've just found that pressing cmd+esc will work for me
  6. esc used to work to bring up the main screen menu (where you can quit etc...) and now it isn't working anymore. Also, cannot find where to access that screen through the user interface.
  7. 20 min cap clearer

    Yep, better yet! I agreeeeeeee!!!
  8. 20 min cap clearer

    Making the 20 min cap clearer would be a good idea like a reminder that comes up visibly saying that the "20 minutes are over and the AI will start breaking down etc...". This would help avoid many submissions based on observations past the 20 min cap.
  9. Speed - nuggets/game/reproduction

    The pre-alpha seems to be on high speed and cannot find where to change speed in the UI (if there is a way). Independently of main speed: Nuggets reproduce at the rate of rabbits! Nuggets move too fast in my opinion. They can zip across that planet in no time!
  10. Wierd lag?

    About Lags : I'm making this the "LAG" page if you don't mind just to consolidate things. After about 90+ nuggets it lags like crazy. System specs : processor 4,8 Ghz Quad-core/ 6GB Mhz / ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB / OSX Yosemite
  11. Tooltip cut off edge of screen

    Queue is also used in UK English
  12. Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    Thanks! That makes sense because I didn't understand what the 20 minutes message was exactly. Indeed nuggets start acting... "lunatic" after a short while. Lots of issues with interface as well but like you said this is very preliminary. So the fact is there really is not much useful feedback one can give at this stage since it's really "pre", right?
  13. I wouldn't say that.. I like your entry! Why not make a series of those with that same style!
  14. Thanks Geanois! Fortunately there's a cool spot in the forum for fan art and I was having a blast working on these models, so I will continue posting them there.
  15. I will have to reconsider this contest. 7 includes very questionable conditions for any type of Sponsor, let alone a small indie company. Good luck to the other contestants!