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  1. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    Totally cool man! It's a pre-alpha, stuff like this happens all the time and I'm a man of patience. Now, I see there's a command line in the read me for that little program, I'll try to mess with it tomorrow perhaps I can get it to work that way. It just looked a little too complicated. Picking audio and video outputs and dimming other displays, this little program is pretty crazy lol. @bjswick33 Let me know if you end up using the command line or if the GUI works for you right off the bat. Cheers!
  2. Did you get that monitor tool working? I'm having no luck with it.

  3. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    Thank you for the new knowledge. Never heard of this program, but now I know of it. Excellent little tool from the sound of it. Going to try it and report back. EDIT: Having no luck with it. Says to drag EXE or LNK to the box area, when I do I get an unavailable cursor, and there doesnt seem to be any "Browse" functionality. I guess I'll just have to wait until it's patched, no worries
  4. Jesper/Mirror would greatly appreciate some love on the Badge here. Sent Jesper another email from another account but I was finally able to access my existing one here. Many thanks.