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  1. I have a suggestion for this stickied post: I think it would help if the location of the save files would be listed there. Apparently it is in `%AppData%\LocalLow\...`. Not a place I ever found game files before. So I think pointing to this location would help. I was asked to post this suggestion here to gain feedback or support from all of you.
  2. Game version: (steam beta branch) I'm now as far as I can get in research. Stoneage houses are slowly being torn down and replaced with Tudor Houses. Now I've seen several nuggets standing still and/or looping around a bit. Most (all?) of them are trying to return to their houses. But if they move they certainly aren't moving to a house. See my savegame (details below) and look for "Hibofes Ronehing". He's "Heading home". But when he moves he's walking aimlessly to a nearby spot. This and others before all were thirsty (0 value). A simple fix was to pick them up (Telekinesis) and drop them near a Well. They immediately changed status to "Going for a Drink" and others like eating, before returning to their job. Additional info: - I have the Town Hall built. - I just had used the alarm to have most nuggets go to the bunkers for a wind storm. Maybe that's related. - Soon after this savegame (after another alarm for a wind storm) also lots of nuggets are dieing. Most of old age. But it still seems a lot. Went from 80-90 nuggets to 54 now in just a few 'years'. - And now often no replacements can't be found for dieing nuggets anymore. While there are plenty 'Laborers' left. Basically the game is unplayable now, requiring too much micro management. Savegame: https://armeagle.stackstorage.com/s/6PSfBd4I3PQ22Uk Link password: nugget Link expires: 2018-12-01 Ps. I can't seem to upload a 2.6MiB file here, even though "Max total size" is showing 3.91MB. The browser network console shows a 413 "Entity too large" error from Nginx.
  3. Only You Can Prevent Deforestation

    This is one thing that Settlers (sure, they only have one age) does right. The things you start building is: Woodcutter (2x) and a Forrester. I can imagine that this isn't figured out right away. But at about the time that you can build a farm one should be able to replant trees.
  4. Right mouse look around resets camera to sun

    Holding/dragging around in the research tree has the same affect. Though a separate bug, it is related enough to just mention it here; Dragging around in the research tree makes the camera in the world move around too. These two should really be disconnected. That combined probably also is the cause of being unable to keep dragging around in the research tree. After about a second dragging, while still holding the right mouse button, moving the mouse does not move the tree around anymore. Edit: oh. I now realize you're supposed to just use the left mouse button to drag around the research tree. Perhaps just disable the right mouse button in that window completely?
  5. Build version: (beta channel) Description: When I hold (also when dragging) the right mouse button to look around, the camera resets aiming at the sun. During that it rotates around to a specific angle. I guess it resets aiming at something like a 0,0,0 coordinate and a 0 rotation. Reproduction: - Open/start a game. - Hold right mouse button (or also immediately drag) for about a second. - Result: Camera spins towards the sun. Ps. This was also mentioned on Twitter.