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  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING A BADGE How to make getting your badge go as smoothly as possible: Make sure the E-MAIL you are using here on the forums is the same as your Kickstarter Backer E-Mail/PayPal backer E-Mail. If they are not, just leave a comment and we will contact you as soon as possible! Website backers should not have this issue unless you made your forum account first. DO NOT make a second account!If you used a different email to register than the one used for Kickstarter or PayPal, please PM MirrorIf your emails are the same please do the following: POST IN THIS THREAD letting us know if you are a KICK STARTER, PAYPAL, or WEBSITE BACKER (old/new site)If you donated during the Kickstarter campaign you are guaranteed at least a Kickstarter Backer Badge for any amount donated at or above the $5 range!If you donated on the Universim homepage there are two cases which have to be considered: Members who supported The Universim on the old homepage should have pledged $60 or more to get a badge. On the new homepage you have to pledge at least $100 to get a badge. Original Post: Hey everyone! Now i can finally tell you all that the badges have arrived! After going through the long list of all donations we have finished it and will roll out badges! You guys want to see them? Of Course you do here we have them! The kickstarter Badge! The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge The Golden Winged Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the old homepage: The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the new homepage: Brontosaurus Tier T-rex Tier Mammoth Tier As you might have noticed the badges of the higher tiers on Kickstarter, that didn't get any backers, aren't here! That is because we decided to not show them to you, so we can use them later on! Who knows, we might want to do some more fun stuff for you all and use them as reward! You'll have that shiny new badge sooner than you think and access to the super awesome private backer lounge! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your shiny new badges!
  2. Hey currently the steam version is only avalible for kickstarter backers. If you encounter the error please try to delete all files and reinstall running as administrator. make sure your virus program does not take the files as a virus and delete things like they sometime do. After doing that if you still have the problem please use https://theuniversim.com/contact-us and we will try and see if there is a problem we can assist you with
  3. wntdll.pdb not loaded (priority)

    I have contacted our "guy" Lets see if he can help you out!
  4. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Please guys keep it clean. kira have been here for a long time yes. but to assume he gets free votes because of that isn't ok. Please refrain from accusing people and stay on topic! Everyone have different taste and it just seems like kira´s work is popular. Thanks!
  5. Can't Download Game

    Hey we will allow mac users to try the game a little later basically we have a guy named sergey currently working on our servers and making sure the patcher will work on all OS! It just takes some time to work things out for mac but as soon as it is fixed we will make sure to tell you!
  6. alpha download?

    Yea its currently intentionally removed from the dashboard! But thanks for being on the lookout!
  7. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    This should now be solved! But as always with high res images please upload them on a external site for maximum resolution since we dont want the servers to run to slow with loading high res images on here!
  8. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    You youngsters always wanting more upload space;) haha Ok i fixed a better limit so now you can upload as many images as you want but max 2000kb per image! I will lower it incase i see to much spam images filling up the servers!
  9. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Everything should be restored there might be some items from yesterday that's not loading please just reupload them!
  10. Vacation

    We will miss you man! be safe and have a great time!
  11. Congratulations @Mirror!

  12. Hey you all i upgraded my desktop some with a new 27 inch imac! so i wanted to brag to someone and had this idea that you all should post your corners in the world and show us all how it looks like when you browse our forum! So here is my current setup! Excuse the mess i always got a lot of things around when i work;) And yes i use my pen tablet as a mouse pad for my mac atm since i need to buy a new one haha!
  13. Join to strike need alpha game !!

    ​We will ensure to release it for you guys as soon as we can! Our developers are working hard to make the alpha as fast as we can! But even i might admit that we are a bit to much of perfectionists haha it will be a really good looking alpha!
  14. Donations Still Rising!

          haha well you are a way better mod then roumsen so i think we will get rid of him and just keep you;) haha na just kidding you both are my lovely mods and do a great job both of you<3    But yea back to the post they are correct in what they say and we hope to have the issue fixed with paypal we actually have a discussion ongoing with them but they feel we need to release some content before they unlock the funds. On the bright side we had more people join the team and also had some team members replaced (due to other job opportunities) so we have a strong team now with great members that hopefully will speed things up as well!
  15. Donations Still Rising!

    We are glad its going up as well! It will only help speed up the developing!
  16. Pm me the email that you used when donation! Didn't find your donation using the email you registered with your account!   Hey you pledged on our homepage and not on the kickstarter and therefor you didn't get a badge!
  17. Jokes

    Whats the difference between Amy Winehouse and Captain Morgan? Captain Morgan comes alive when you add coke! 
  18. Hey you must have missed my email! I need the email address you used when donating so i can just locate your donation thanks!
  19. Hey the forum badges for people that donated on our homepage starts at 60usd tier level!
  20. Hey you need to donate 60$ on the website homepage in order to get a badge
  21. You donated while the kickstarter was active and even if you used paypal you will be considered as a kickstarter backer! its only people that donated after the kickstarter ended that gets the no kickstarter badges!
  22.   Are you sure its the same email you used when you donated? i cant seem to find it   hehe i will give you a normal badge! and thank you for the support!