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  1. My download stops at 21% and says "Detected Network Problem".  My internet connection is fine and its been doing this for hours.  I am connected to Ethernet and nothing seems to be wrong with it. Is there a fix. If not would it be possible to get a refund

  2. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Please guys keep it clean. kira have been here for a long time yes. but to assume he gets free votes because of that isn't ok. Please refrain from accusing people and stay on topic! Everyone have different taste and it just seems like kira´s work is popular. Thanks!
  3. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    This should now be solved! But as always with high res images please upload them on a external site for maximum resolution since we dont want the servers to run to slow with loading high res images on here!
  4. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    You youngsters always wanting more upload space;) haha Ok i fixed a better limit so now you can upload as many images as you want but max 2000kb per image! I will lower it incase i see to much spam images filling up the servers!
  5. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Everything should be restored there might be some items from yesterday that's not loading please just reupload them!
  6. Vacation

    We will miss you man! be safe and have a great time!
  7. Congratulations @Mirror!

  8. Join to strike need alpha game !!

    ​We will ensure to release it for you guys as soon as we can! Our developers are working hard to make the alpha as fast as we can! But even i might admit that we are a bit to much of perfectionists haha it will be a really good looking alpha!
  9. Donations Still Rising!

          haha well you are a way better mod then roumsen so i think we will get rid of him and just keep you;) haha na just kidding you both are my lovely mods and do a great job both of you<3    But yea back to the post they are correct in what they say and we hope to have the issue fixed with paypal we actually have a discussion ongoing with them but they feel we need to release some content before they unlock the funds. On the bright side we had more people join the team and also had some team members replaced (due to other job opportunities) so we have a strong team now with great members that hopefully will speed things up as well!
  10. Donations Still Rising!

    We are glad its going up as well! It will only help speed up the developing!
  11. Pm me the email that you used when donation! Didn't find your donation using the email you registered with your account!   Hey you pledged on our homepage and not on the kickstarter and therefor you didn't get a badge!
  12. Jokes

    Whats the difference between Amy Winehouse and Captain Morgan? Captain Morgan comes alive when you add coke! 
  13. Hey you must have missed my email! I need the email address you used when donating so i can just locate your donation thanks!