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  1. V 30.23329 I have two schools since several generations but the amount of Edukationen nuggets is low always not more than one page in the population log.
  2. Save game load to death Cant't load the attaced file. auto1.sav
  3. Version Gas mine has a pink square around.
  4. v30 Pink Gas Mine Bug

    Is fixed in 30.23346
  5. In the new v30 experimental version the page up/down fly height is either low or too height, missing steps between. On lo I don't see enough on the next stepp I see no nuggets any more and at night it is all dark. Please go back to the before version where there was more steps between.
  6. Thanks, seems that the sensivity changed to high without my knowledge. Set it to medium solved my problem thank you
  7. Most of the students wouldn't get a gaduated. But sometimes they get it, sometimes after the leaved the school for some time. Assigning a teacher, I always do, but even a graduate teacher change this behaviour.
  8. Why is upload of the new compressed save file not possible?
  9. V 30.23329 Serve Bug The new ministers assign my few studied nuggets often to gravedigger, miner or similar low qualified jobs and but the unstudied nuggets to the Professor Reproduceable Upload of saved file still not possible here
  10. Yes the whole transport, repair decision system ist still not ok. Nearby trees will be ignored, stone taken from very far away and repair is made after a fixed first in first repair list. It's very anoying. Also if a building needs 20 wood and 20 stone there is no need that all free Labours try to deliver something. There should be something like a cost or pay system for every task implented. So repair a <25% hut would give more points than repair a >75% hut even if the 25% hut is far away. Repair of the healtier hut which is far away and not repair the wrecked hut is a clear sign of first in first out algorithm
  11. No forum badges for me :(   Seems to be a problem with my accpunt?