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  1. First one to comment:) Im from Norway, have followed since the start of the kickstarter:) Can't wait to se how this game will be Proud owner of the universim
  2. Carter (v.0.0.6) Distribution Center

    Np, just helping out finding bugs
  3. Carter (v.0.0.6) Distribution Center

    I feel so bad when all my nuggets die because they are not given any food. The only ones who survive is the ones working in the distribution center. That's good some more is experiencing the same problem. Maby we fix it
  4. Carter (v.0.0.6) Distribution Center

    @ArsouilleSlic have you been able to recreate this bug on your side. Waiting for an update about this?
  5. Carter (v.0.0.6) Distribution Center

    @ArsouilleSlic I'm using standalone on windows And when the nuggets dies in front of the distribution center, the other nuggets gets stuck in the line
  6. Bug with repairing

    Same problem here
  7. What client version you downloaded: 0.0.6 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: yes Detailed description of the problem: The Distribution Center dont give out resources, so my peoples are dying and cant build any more
  8. Huge frame drop

    Huge frame drop when pop gets 40 and futher. My GPU is gtx 970 so it should not be a problem to run this. Found also a icon bug in the research in the totorial. storage icon duplicate.