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  1. Water Problems

    I think it might be meant to be that way at the moment to encourage us to do research and upgrades, rather than just build a truck load of pumps. Once your population grows you can place more, and then when you do upgrades to the wells you can do more
  2. I have played through this latest release a number of times, having deliberately not played the last few releases so as to keep it fresh for me Firstly a huge "wow" to the progress both in terms of speed, stability and game play :-) :-) Great work! Issues encountered: 1. Engineers are doing stuff, but it feels like they struggle to keep on top of things. Too often buildings get close to collapse yet the engineer is sat doing nothing. 2. Cemetry - again, productivity feels not balanced. They take forever to clear up dead bodies. I end up spending all my power going around hoovering up dead bodies and stock piling them somewhere away from the main flow of nuggets otherwise the whole population seems to quickly implode. 3. Bunker - nuggets eat food in the bunkers during non-bunker mode, which means when there is an emergency your population starves very quickly as the emergency food has all gone! 4. Bunker - nuggets get stuck in the bunker sometimes. i think it might be if a nugget dies then block the queue. The gravedigger never gets to them, and eventually everyone in the bunker dies. 5. Cemetry - the purple "zone" around it that appears on placement does not make sense? 6. Population list - once you get to about 100 nuggets, the population list is very slow to update/refresh (I have powerful computer with 24GB memory) Some ideas: 1. Although buildings are beautiful (thank you), it would be nice to be able to have filters that can be switched on/off to help with planning. I.e. tickbox for each type of building and that type is then visible/invisible - so if I want to see the positioning of my engineer huts, I can do easily (perhaps the other types go see-through) 2. Is there any logic in place that means nuggets "move house" to be nearer their place of work? If not, then we need an interface to help us with the assignment process as it is too difficult to work out where "x" lives and then assign them to building "z", without spending a lot of time. 3. Cemetry - perhaps if I dump a dead nugget into the cemetry they could be either automatically buried (for a cost) or it would make sense that they are processed next. I do like that it appears stronger nuggets can carry more dead bodies - I *think* that is what i am seeing - nice touch! 4. There is another thread on micromanagement, but once you get to about 100 nuggets it feels very busy. micromanaging lots of the same type of tasks. perhaps an upgrade path for a "mayor" or "chief" could be developed or maybe a religious leader, linked to education (i.e. the nuggest in "power" needs a minimum standard of education), who then starts to domake decisions on some of the basic jobs for you. Not entirely sure how you would code that.. perhaps they draw their influence from you , so the more you are seen as a positive influence, the more effective they are at countering the negative personality traits of individual nuggets and generally improving overall efficiency? You could also have them assigning nuggets to new buildings based upon the type of nugget you assigned in the past. For example, if you over time, you personally assigned 6 nuggets with a "hermit" characterisitc to be fishernuggets, then they would look to assign the same type, if available. You get the idea. 5. Finally, perhaps the archive could have a dual function. Not just load/save, but also an area to get statistics on the game. The more upgrades and the better education of the nugget, the more stats and graphs and so forth are available. Really enjoyed playing the game, big smiles!
  3. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    At present the game is very micro-management, and with a population of c. 100, I feel very busy rushing around doing a lot of things that the AI should be doing properly - such as gathering dead bodies, repairing buildings etc. Perhaps these are more bugs/balancing issues. I like the idea of increasing autonomy as the game gets bigger, I think this is the way forward. This also then frees up the player to be more "god-like" and influencing the game more through their god powers., generating more belief and then being able to use this in the game for varying effects. Things like choosing which crop to plant, assigning nuggets to buildings feels very "me-too", so perhaps could be something that over time the game takes over. Otherwise we'll be in the position where you are on planet X, but meanwhile on planet Y thigns go pear shaped because you didn't allocate a nugget to a fishery. The scale of the problems would feel disconnected.
  4. I wonder when we get all stages

    I thought it was only on your home planet that there was no hostiles? I'm probably wrong...
  5. I wonder when we get all stages

    This is nothing like the G-word game. Let's not tarnish these forums by saying that word ;-)
  6. I wonder when we get all stages

    I think crytivo have said these later ages will come at full release, but I might be mistaken or at least, full implementations of those ages - I daresay we will need to test inter planetary travel in alpha/beta
  7. I do remember part of the big rework was putting an underlying sort of map/structure/network to allow for upgrading to roads etcf. as we move through the ages.
  8. Perhaps the ability to "override" placement - as a god power. So the AI will do "its thing", but then you can intervene and place a hut if you want to. That might be both simpler to code and also lead to an interesting game dynamic. I presume the use of god powers will come at a cost, the mechanism for which has not yet been revealed IIRC
  9. Funny you should ask that. Orignially, we had to manage all placement of all buildings and the feedback was this did not feel "god like" and was also unscaleable across planets (imagine focusing on the placement of Nugget X's hut when you're also mentally juggling intergalactic travel). Hence the AI. I think the end result you are looking for (do correct me if I have misunderstood) is that it would be better if the AI took distance into account when allocating nuggets to tasks. Also, through the UI, it would be helpful if we could have an indication of where a nugget lived, before we assign them to a job. The other alternative, is for nuggets to "swap" houses to be nearer. Or another other, certain main buildings, came with nearby accomodation. i.e. build the fisher hut, you also have to place a nearby sleeping hut (or something along those lines). It does then get very complex from a dev perspective though. I feel your frustration, nothing worse than a farmer walking across an entire village to have a sleep, and then walk back, whilst your crop wilts, and he uses up a large %age of his energy just walking to and from hut/work. This whole area does need refining and improving, for sure.
  10. hmmm.... interesting paradox.... stone age have electricity :-)
  11. Hello from UK - really enjoying the journey on this game, and the sharing of ideas and information from Crytivo Big hello to everyone.
  12. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    Most enjoyable release so far. Performance much improved, graphics looking good and lots of updates. Really like the new farms. Most enjoyable release so far. Performance much improved, graphics looking good and lots of updates. Really like the new farms.
  13. Resource counting / tally bug

    Resource counting / tally bug When a build is being, er, built, the raw materials required for that building do not appear to display correctly. I have included a screen grab Would expect the followingL (where "xx" is what has been gathered and "yy" is the total needed) xx/yy 0 < xx <= yy but instead we have 0 < xx <> yy
  14. Hellooo!   My badge is missing. Would appreciate you doing your magical fix   Thx.