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  1. Top 5 Steam Games?

    TF2 is really the only game where sucking never kept me from playing it. There is just something unbelievably satisfying about setting (virtual!) people on fire with a flamethrower, and it's enjoyable even if I get killed while doing so. There's a pyro action figure on my desk. And yes, I think it's quite clear now what kind of god I will be.
  2. Top 5 Steam Games?

    Here's my top 5: 1. Team Fortress 2 2. Civilization IV 3. Civilization V 4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive 5. Galactic Civilizations II I was surprised to see that Civ V is so high in my list, seeing how much I dislike Civ V (compared to the greatness that is Civ IV). Also too bad that there aren't any TF2 players here. We could have have a Universim TF2 session sometime.
  3. Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    Ah, so you mean some parts of the PA are just quick&dirty hacks you put in to get a somewhat coherent "game" running? I was just worried that you put more work than necessary on yourselves to maintain the pre-alpha "for us". But I guess these hacks are also useful for you then to have a playable build, I hope that one key message that you guys can take away from the forums so far is that nobody is whining "Boohoo, so many bugs, this is terrible!" People seem to have reasonable expectations. Even if not all bug reports will be helpful, that should be a helpful message in itself. I think you guys worried too much in the past that the community will rip you a new one if the pre-alpha is too buggy. By the way, one thing notably absent from your feature list are non-gameplay features, such as GUI enhancement, in-game settings menu, saving functionality, etc. or do you keep the feature planning for this kind of stuff completely separate right now from the gameplay enhancements?
  4. Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    Thanks for the more detailed insight. This is actually the kind of info that we have been hoping for all along. Would be really great if you could give us some updates every now and then (perhaps through Mirror's weekly updates) which issues are the closest to completion or which ones have the most "traction" (as you called it) at the moment, in case you shift priorities. Really, right at this point, I don't see anyone asking for dates, and I would go as far as strongly recommending against giving out any dates or estimates until you really have a very good idea of your remaining work and the team's velocity. It would just be really wonderful to keep getting some insight into your progress. Just one question: Did I understand it correctly that the pre-alpha is not a "latest stable build" from your development branch, but instead it is a special build that you put together? So you now maintain two branches, i.e. a development/mainline branch and the pre-alpha branch, and you will keep merging stuff from the development mainline into the pre-alpha branch to create patches for the pre-alpha? If that's the case, wouldn't it be much easier for you to simply release builds from your mainline instead of having this additional effort of maintaining a special pre-alpha build?
  5. How my people should see me

    Looks like an angry vengeful god who will enact cruel and arbitrary commandments like not allowing his followers to eat potatoes on days that rhyme with a prime number spoken backwards in swahili.
  6. coming up to 4th week

    I am already happy with a "Yes, still working on it" once a week.
  7. coming up to 4th week

    I agree 100%. The one thing we really shouldn't be asking for is dates (and I think hardly anyone ever asks for them). It sets the devs up for failure and us for disappointment. That doesn't mean I think the devs are not capable of keeping their promised dates - it means that nobody really is. We should ask for communication, collaboration and progress reports (as you are also pointing out). Hearing about what is "Done" is much more meaningful than hearing about "What would be done at a certain date if we had 20/20 vision of the future."
  8. coming up to 4th week

    Any idea what this means for the Mac version? Are the PC and Mac versions of the patcher completely separate, or do they at least share a common core? I hope PC and Mac versions will be released at the same time. Feedback on how the pre-Alpha runs under Parallels is close to useless for you guys.
  9. Funny thing I just stumbled on...

    Genius! We should get together and make that kind of song with dancing nuggets singing "Where's the pre-alpha! I want my pre-alpha!" The devs might actually get a kick out of it. Though as pessimistic as I am, I still assume that we would get the pre-alpha before we'd manage to finish that song.
  10. To be fair, when we backed the game, we knew what we were getting into. There is a certain level of naivety or "extreme optimism" on all sides in this kind of situation. The developers have to be extremely optimistic to believe they can do something that experienced development teams backed by big studios couldn't even do. And we, the backers, have to be extremely optimistic to believe that this is possible. So frankly, it's a gamble. But sometimes, that kind of gamble pays off. I think at this point, there's still hope.
  11. Pledged $50 last year in May. No badge yet.