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  1. alpha download?

    In mine, alpha is gone. Beta is still there. I figured the developers decided that it's pointless to distinguish between pre-alpha and alpha.
  2. Epicenter Priority window bugs

    The italian/spanish text "lorem ipsum etc." is actually a fake latin that is very often used in publishing when a page of a publication is set up before the actual text is available. So basically, it just means that the developers haven't had the time yet to fill in the correct information.
  3. Population 0 but nugget still alive and walking

    Aliens in nugget disguise?
  4. Mouse Cursor barely visible in the snow

    It's been posted in the Suggestions forum: And the devs indicated they would change it, so perhaps it will be in the next update already.
  5. [Resolved] buildings been built on each other

    Either that, or they decided to be just friends. We all assume that just because we put males and females together, there will be offspring. But what if they are more interested in playing stone age computer games than going out and finding a partner?
  6. [Resolved] buildings been built on each other

    Around 25 for me in a "non-cheating" game. But that was a one-time event. Once, I got stuck at 6 before they gave up on reproducing. In my very first game, they didn't even go beyond the initial 2.
  7. [Resolved] buildings been built on each other

    600?? Was that in a normal game or with the nugget-spawn-button?
  8. Top 5 Steam Games?

    TF2 is really the only game where sucking never kept me from playing it. There is just something unbelievably satisfying about setting (virtual!) people on fire with a flamethrower, and it's enjoyable even if I get killed while doing so. There's a pyro action figure on my desk. And yes, I think it's quite clear now what kind of god I will be.
  9. Top 5 Steam Games?

    Here's my top 5: 1. Team Fortress 2 2. Civilization IV 3. Civilization V 4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive 5. Galactic Civilizations II I was surprised to see that Civ V is so high in my list, seeing how much I dislike Civ V (compared to the greatness that is Civ IV). Also too bad that there aren't any TF2 players here. We could have have a Universim TF2 session sometime.
  10. Workers/Nuggets "stuck"

    I think both of these are variations of the "Nuggets stuck" topic.
  11. Nuggets hanging around epicenter

    So it's not a bug, but it's a gameplay feature that had been a part of the design from day 1? We think the nuggets are brainless idiots, but in reality, they are plotting already to overthrow their god. We need god powers soon to be able to smite them and punish them for their heresy!
  12. Workers/Nuggets "stuck"

    Bumping (Badonging?) this thread, as this seems to be an issue that basically everyone seems to encounter sooner or later.
  13. Nuggets hanging around epicenter

    Yep, that's probably this bug: https://theuniversim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1751-workersnuggets-stuck/
  14. [Resolved] UI- esc button not working.

    Yep, sorry for not clarifying it. Yes, I am also on a Mac.