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  1. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    Yes I can select the monitor of choice after the patch. After restarting the game I cannot replicate the back button issues. Looks to be good to go!
  2. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    Sorry for the late response. I was going to hold off until the 0.0.8 patch to see if it corrected. I was in no rush to have the need to install another application. I can say I was able to update to my other monitor in the settings in the patch today and it worked fine. An additional issue that I found @KyloRen is that the back button under settings does not work if you are on the graphics settings. You need to switch to audio before you click back to get to the main screen. To reproduce just click settings and then back. Nothing happens on my side. If you then click audio and then back it works fine.
  3. Did you get that monitor tool working? I'm having no luck with it.

  4. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    Thanks KyloRen for the update. Was having the same issue with my multi-monitor setup. Was always selecting the left monitor instead of center.
  5. Ok. Hope I'm doing this right! Don't want to bother anybody, but I am a Kick Starter backer and looking for my badge. Made sure all emails are the same. Enjoy and can't wait for the game!