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  1. PAX South can't be here soon enough~

  2. Nuggets not doing their jobs

    Moved to correct forum location.
  3. Where's romusen

    he had some stuff come up IRL a while a go. he said he'd be back but needs time.
  4. Cannot interact with nuggets or new UI tabs

    Moved to proper location
  5. Tooltip cut off edge of screen

    Another merge.
  6. [User Resolved] Activation issue

    Glad its working! Locking
  7. Wierd lag?

    Are you playing the game for a period of time and using the in game reset button? The frame rate drops will persist through every reset. I need to edit my stream from Friday morning and show case this lag.
  8. Cemetery Overlay Stuck

    Moved to correct location.
  9. Tooltip cut off edge of screen

    Moved to proper section.
  10. [Resolved] Wood and number of workers

    I put my nuggets in a desert, and they were able to get wood just fine. Its something early that can trigger the lack of wood gathering. Because the first time I played it, they just altogether stopped gathering wood. Didn't get any more than 15.
  11. PM mirror with your email adress you used to Kickstarter and she'll be able to get you your badge!
  12. Sorry for my absence

    Roumsen, <3 I may never know why you're feeling that way, but just know we care and are glad you're back on here.
  13. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Crap. I wish my drawing tablet still worked. oh well. I shall use pencil and paper like heathen!!!
  14. It's my birffdaaaaaay!

    1. Roumsen


      Happy happy?! :D