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  1. Current bugs. v17

    i have two bugs from this mornings playthough of the game one early on and the other real late game play, Please fix these bugs and ill see if i can yet break your game again.. Btw dust storms kill the entire village maybe have it set so 90% of the village gets damaged not all of it since every nugget with a broken bone will not do work. Please fix this as well. The Universim-bugs.rar

    Thanks for the advanced warning. Very much appreciated.
  3. Newest patch Nuggets Do not wish to go out and get food. I got up to 11 people before i got sick and tired of watching my food slowly depleate over time and knowing what would happen in the end. I did everything from trying to force people to work but theres a small bug atm with the program that allows nuggets to jump off food completely. This needs to be really fixed if the game is to be played i guess ill wait another 2 months for a patch before playing again. Upsetting. Showing 1-2 of 2 comments Maiconi - RUN 6 hours ago Yea I noticed this too. You had to keep adding nuggets to the food bar. It seems when they decide to mate if they were in charge of food they just drop all jobs until manually re assigned.
  4. Weekly Update Oct.16th 2015

    Thanks for the news on updates, I wasn't totally aware that there was going to be weekly updates but fortnight updates sounds like a plan. Those notes you say you needed to draw up and double check with the team, They could help you and make notes as they tick things from there list. The only thing that i can say is that it sounds like your very busy in life as well as anything else that might come up. We are always willing to listen to what you have to say so thank you.
  5. coming up to 4th week

    patches are for those exact reasons Thanks for the quick reply, I understand your still working on the game, Lets just see how things pan out.
  6. Members Dashboard

    Well if they are fixing and polishing the game for play then time is maybe spent far too much so on the touches of the game. But as we get very little info from devs' its hard to say but we have heard another couple of weeks for an updated patcher util. So it shall be interesting how this all gets done. And how regular the patches are done as well. That will be something ill be keeping an eye on very much so.
  7. coming up to 4th week

    Well keeping in contact with us the people who want this game made as much as you guys, there would be less anger and more talk of game and how things are progressing. Just saying.
  8. Big Announcement

    Thanks Malsanity, Guess we just hold out for updates all good
  9. Big Announcement

    HA, I find that hideous Fundable , will not disclose the business details until requests are sent in for processing. And oh I almost forgot you have to sign up with them just to see this. Btw the end of the page on the fundable website about the universim game says look at our business plan for more information. TWO ways NO THANKS.. Good luck in a campain that makes you request silly info on a game you want to find out about only to notice that you have to wait for a response before getting your info. Makes me and maybe many others to back away from SAID campaign. GOOD LUCK!!
  10. Big Announcement

    What I meant by giving away copies is because the extra funds will be spent not on dev game making but put on. On getting everyone to one location. Anyway.... lets see what others are saying.
  11. Big Announcement

    There is another smaller topic with feedback however. I Would like to know where you are in regards to being in one place ie a building ? and how spread the team actually is. I understand that being under one roof can be better in respects, Is it only going to be used for work ?, How many of the dev's and other people working on the project are willing to move. How far is it for most of them to turn up to a central location ? Will there be updates on what will be used with the extra money you will get out of this. And will this money not just be partly used on all dev's moving to one location meaning that a whole lot of money spent for one location and then You will have the rest of the funds from project plus KS money which i am assuming you have used. Can you guess what cost estimate you will incur from this move and will you share it with backers ? With the extra support it will mean you will be giving away more copies of the game i am assuming your going to be ok with all of that ?. Anyways questions and more. Please respond if not NP, but I think you will get more feed back on this if anyone else sees this post :).
  12. Big Announcement

    I agree with the first OP and the second post on this subject. Do they have people already lined up ? Do they have an idea of what these extra people will bring ? More features Means Nothing at this time. As the game is almost in an Alpha state maybe they are looking for someone that knows how to implement more worlds and much more randomization and all that type of thing. I backed Planetary Annihilation Back when it first got KS'ed off the ground and found that process hideous they have got there little way at this time but have only concentrated on 1 little system that might have more than 4 planets going around a sun and live play happening at any one time. The reason I bring that game up is because of the amount of work it took a new team to put a game together for RTS style game play Considering this will be somewhat similar in scope but using different mechanics. Planetary game Had to and still is Server based game meaning that you can play online with little help finding others as well as being able to always play with other people, At this stage it has an offline mode BUT, Its not how the game started. So weather or not Universim will have any of this is something yet to be seen. I cross my fingers they know what they are doing but I see it as the first two posts and could get bothered by what could happen after there campaign to take in more funds. Thanks that's my 2cents. YAY.
  13. Update 20: Release Roadmap

    ok So far im watching the re-run of the stream that happend on the 26th April. I like the easy way you guys are chatting but one Major thing i can take away from this ATM.   Is that no information was given due to the fact of the next game con thing they wish to show off the game to for a big wow factor.   I think not telling us the general Backers your not going to update us becuase of the next game con is going a little far to withhold information.   I now know this so i can rest easy knowing this but it doesn't help the fact that even in or while the game con thing is going to happen we will still be in the dark untill a update most likely at the end of the event.   One for the devs YAY..   I'll see what else i can learn from the stream but i do appreacate the thought on trying to communicate more but this is a bad way to start it.   edit..   Great stream, Glad Dafiny got over her troubles with the stream and time just went flying by, Will be looking forward to more.
  14. February update

    nice update.   are you concentrating on the sol point in one group say the beginning people the ape like ?, or is the coverage is more like overall in terms of when you put the next generation of people in the game will handle them much the same way ?. But by then the game mechanics have changed since you should have by then most of the food material up and runniing and buildings going up and so forth ?.   So i was trying to ask on the sliders for people you can either control or at least manage in terms of structors you lay out ?.
  15. Update 20: Release Roadmap

    Skaebo, Sys requirements are all in the making, and if you can not play a game of modern game type then you seriously need an upgrade.   Sys requirements for the game will be high when it first gets released no doubt but as the game and progression does go it will lower and lower and you might be able to play.   It all depeneds on what can be done with the system the game has to offer and and in how much complexity it requires.   Its far too early to say how heavty this is atm but keep up with updates and i am sure you will find a suitable resoultuion to your hickup you think might or might not come to pass.