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  1. I just keep hoping we get something close to what was shown in that trailer because it was epic and truly felt like a rebirth of the god game genre. I do hope much of the micro management gets reduced in future updates as it is a bit much right now. It's a new year and hopefully things will pick up.
  2. Show me your desktops!

    here's my setup funny that it looks to be the same desktop pic as another poster and its nice upgrade from what i had prior
  3. I was wondering the same thing. Seems like they added a little more detail to them. 
  4. yay glad badges are here woot woot thank you guys.
  5. Silence

      agreed i love your vids i have a feeling things will probably start picking up after the holidays so hopefully the second week of july
  6. Silence

    nice to see a break from the silence would love some nice debates or even polls would be fun. I like the t-shirt concepts they always give us so many awesome options that i feel like they should just make em all.    Just curious if any of you guys check your emails ever day in hopes that all the funds have been processed and that they are sending out the survey? Still super excited  :lol:
  7. Show me your desktops!

    that they do i have 4 aquariums in my bedroom lol 30 gallon, 26,16,5, and 10 aquatic turtle tank lol i practically have a fish store in my bedroom 
  8. Show me your desktops!

    lol im to embarrassed to show mine as i only have a single dell monitor and my computer is actually on top of my dresser in my closet due to me using all my other counter space for my fish aquariums. I also need to give a cleaning      
  9. Bacon,Ribs Or Steak?

    The reason i like bacon best is because in my eyes its the easiest to cook plus you get to use the grease from it to make gravy and bacon gravy is the best especially for breakfast over ones biscuits and eggs. Bacon is also one of those food items you can eat at any meal breakfast for eggs and toast. lunch for a nice blt. and dinner you can do a bacon burger or chop it up and use it as a topping on a baked potato. Bacon is also fairly easy to cook though steak isnt much harder but people tend to be quite picky on how they like their steaks
  10. Weird Videos

    wow found a doozy on youtube lol  search for  WTF Is That Thing by murro
  11. The drunken thread!

    lol i prefer drinks that won't give me a hangover the next day 
  12. Bacon,Ribs Or Steak?

    bacon lol though steak in a close second place
  13. The drunken thread!

    What is your favorite drink guys? Mine is a margarita lol 
  14. Favorite Song From Soundtrack?

    Lol I'm a ditz I was up pretty late wasn't reading properly. I'm excited for this games sound track and sure it will be epic if its anything like what was played during the robots destruction scene
  15. Favorite Song From Soundtrack?

    bring me to life from daredevil album