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  1. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    Yep hunters are cool but very inefficient. They also die off in the wilderness and that causes the Gravedigger to go wandering off to collect the corpse. Plus if you hit the emergency alarm, they return to the village. Even when they are so far away that they don't get back in time and walk into the middle of a Tornado. Maybe have them hunker down and hide in the woods instead? It's a fun concept that will get better with tweaks. Definitely keen to see more work on god powers as well. They're a bit limited and the accrual of faith seems really slow so I'm reluctant to use them much. Keep up the good work!!
  2. GamePlay tips?

    Thanks Bonniecool. Very helpful. Yesterday's update invalidated my saves so I started again. With a graveyard and a hospital at either end of town things went a bit smoother. Though even after upgrades the four gravediggers would occasionally go lazy and stop working and let the bodies start to pile up. But it was far more manageable. I tried healing the corpses and it's am okay interim measure but after year 60 or 70 when the old age deaths start happening regularly its just easier to launch them into orbit if the gravediggers neglect them. I saw the oceans refilling with rain which is awesome. My new world has a 21million ocean so that's nicer. The tech tree needs at least a historical record if not redesign. At the moment I can't find anyway to look up what research has been completed? The large space for building upgrades seems counterintuitive actually. As I mentioned, as tech and population grows, space becomesa premium and the widley dispersed and haphazard layout of huts is going to be an issue. Look at a game like Banished or SimCity were late game builds are packed with houses tenaments and apartments. Be curious to see how that develops here. As for the new update, the Hunters are kind of cool but seem really inefficient. They're wandering all over the planet, frequently dying off in the wilderness (which leads the Gravedigger off on an odyssey to collect the corpse) and don't seem to carry a lot of food back on their rare returns to the village. Also, I found that they still respond to the emergency alarm when there's a disaster but they're so far away that by the time they return to the village they arrive in the middle of the tornado or windstorm. Maybe they should use their woodskills to hunker down in the trees instead? A weird thing I had was a spate of deaths by drowning. About a dozen in the course of a few minutes. And the corpses either disappeared or where found inland. Possibly a bug with the cause of death notofication. Finally I am still struggling with faith accrual. After 90 years with a population of around 70, and almost no usage of points apart from the odd healing, I only have 350. That's enough for three "Joy Beams" and a handful of healings or telekinesis. Not really very godlike at all. I successfully completed the one God quest but haven't seenuch at all in the way of faith accrual. I'd love some tips on how to make the nuggets worship more effectively. The god powers are cool but I really can't afford to use them at this stage. And surely the stone Age is the time of myths and legends when a God is most active in their people's lives? Still enjoying this and looking forward to further developments
  3. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    Woohoo!! It's like they read my mind.
  4. GamePlay tips?

    Awesome. Thanks for that. Good to know the ring is the unhappiness effect not the gravedigger limit. Definitely think I need more hospitals and cemeteries. I'm actually a little surprised at the food mechanic. I have two upgraded farms and two upgraded fisheries and an upgraded restaurant providing food for 180 Nuggets (now 150 and falling!!) and had no worries about shortfall. I've just been using the most basic crop - (ones forest and one grassland) and not bothering with the fancier crops. Food hasn't been an issue at all. My biggest problem (before the black death) has been getting the engineers repairing. I ended up with three Engineering huts, spread throughout town, all upgraded to hold two engineers each, and I deliberately sort through the population to find nuggets with the "sawblade" perk - I think its 25% increased efficiency or work speed or something. With six engineers all with that perk, they are finally starting to stay on top of things. Still can't work out how to boost my Nuggets belief in me though. I see these playthroughs with people having hundreds of God Points. I don't think I've ever had more than about 25 or 30 - admittedly I wasted a lot fixing buildings, but with 150 or more adult nuggets, surely I should be accruing more than 1 or 2 points a year?
  5. GamePlay tips?

    Just came back to Universim after about 18 months away (now that it's finally in a state that makes it playable for more than a few hours) My first playthrough has been reasonably successful. Upgraded Farms, Fisheries, Hospital and Water facilities (pumps, wells and reservoir) Three upgraded Engineer huts finally starting to keep up with building repairs. No problem with running out of food or water, plenty of building materials. Population got to around 180 or so with regular births and a steady stable growth. Looking pretty good. Around year 80-90 things have started to go wrong. Old age is kicking in for the early generations and I'm losing a few nuggets every year. This is fine and easily outpaced by population growth, my problem is the bodies. The damn things always die in the middle of thoroughfare's or buildings, so infection spreads rapidly. The Gravedigger is super slow to collect bodies (incidentally is the red ring around the Graveyard when placing it, the radius of effect? Is that the area the gravedigger will collect from or will they go anywhere there's a body?) The only solution I can find is to launch the bodies into orbit, but my "god points" are so slow to regenerate and I receive so few that I am unable to keep pace with the deaths. My population seem reasonably happy, the temple/alter/godspire thingy is tall and green and looks like it's pretty far evolved so I think my people should have decent faith. The bodies zooming into the sky give people the white shock/scare face icon but this seems to do little or nothing to increase faith. Healing miracles are also doing nothing for my faith accrual. It hit a feedback loop last night where the corpses caused too many infections, the infected started dying, which caused more bodies and infections and it got to the point where I lost about 30 nuggets over the course of a few minutes. I don't have enough God points to move them all, the gravedigger is useless and the hospital can't keep up with infections. Likewise not enough points to heal the infections myself. I can see this spiraling into a major dieback pretty quickly, if not complete extinction. I'll let it play out a bit longer and see if it stabilizes. Otherwise my previous save is about 10 years prior so I may load that and buid a couple extra graveyards and hospitals (I only have one of each) see if that heads it off. Questions (both specific and general): 1 - How do you increase Faith and accrual of God points? (I've only had two quest-mails: one to "find my lost child" which I screwed up by accidentally dropping the kid from a great height, and the other to "punish my enemy" which I skipped as I am going for a benevolent path) Random miracle healings seem to do little for inspiring awe, telekinesis just uses points without seeming to generate more... whats the trick to this God business? 2 - Whats the best way to manage the dead and diseased? Do you need multiple graveyards and hospitals? With a huge population I have lots of nuggets working as labourers so I can easily afford more facilities, just need to upgrade the water supply. Do they need to be scattered around to cover a wider range? Do graveyards have an area of influence? 3 - Unrelated but curious - are the oceans the only source of water? They are large but I can see them running out long before I would reach the modern age. My oceans average from 1.5 - 3 million and I've already drained at least 500,000 from one of them after less than a century. Will the devs be implementing a water cycle or similar so that rain and storms refill the oceans? I mean a planet is a closed system so you shouldn't actually run out of water, it should eventually return to the oceans. 4 - Do stone and or wood re-spawn or are these fixed resources? I would assume wood is renewable with proper management. Surface stone would run out and then you'd need mines/quarries? Hopefully quantities of these non-renewable resources (and metal, oil and gas later in the game) are high enough to last through to the eventual space age? If the ultimate aim is to manage multiple planets in a Nugget Galactic Empire, there' needs to be sufficient resources to last the long time frames, or options for recycling etc. 5 - Is there any plan to improve the tech tree? It seems very haphazard that you only get to choose from four or five random research topics at a time and there's no path or plan to follow. It would be great to view a tech tree and get some idea of where research is heading. 6 - Any plan to streamline the menu's and tooltips and pop-ups - make them a little smaller and cleaner? I love the look of the game with the cartoony feel but when a nugget's status window takes up 1/4 of the screen it's a bit distracting. I really like how Banished played this, allowing you to resize and relocate status windows and pin them to the view - it made population and building management a lot easier to keep track of. 7 - While I (again) like the cartoony style, the build area for structures (at least in the stone age) is rather large and huts in particular take up a lot of empty space. That combined with Nuggets randomly building wherever they want leads to very sprawled out settlements. Hopefully this is either streamlined in future patches, or maybe in later ages, buildings get smaller and allow for more crowding and modern population squeeze. 8 - Finally I would love the opportunity to control time a little better? The slowest/default speed is still pretty fast, especially later when population grows and notifications begin to spam more frequently. It's would be nice to slow things down a little for better micro management. Even more so, the inability to do anything when time is stopped makes this even harder. You're unable to queue buildings or upgrades when time stops, and you can't sufficiently manage all the little tasks as time moves on so quickly. Either a super slow option, or the ability to pause and still interact and "do things" when paused would alleviate this, especially in late game when complexity arises and you end up with large populations, complicated settlements or ... eeek... multiple planets!! Really enjoying the game, it's a nice cross between Banished and Black & White. Development is proceeding well and I can see it getting better and better.