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  1. Population cap?

    Thank you very much for the compliment! It was a first play-through and a very smooth ride, except for the last trade that could not be completed due to some bug. This is very unfortunate because the 81 cement offered would have solved my current issue. The game is becoming pretty laggy and very long to load but I will go a bit further to see if I'm up to the cement challenge.
  2. Population cap?

    Hello, I am just wondering if there is a population cap in The Universim. Despite all my efforts : super heavy use of the Cupidon power (I make sure all my nuggets got a partner before they reach the age of 5 and onward) , contraception ban voted several years in a row, research done to get more twins, no crime, everyone happy and healthy, high education level, plenty of food and resources, no shifts and a little over 100 nuggets left with nothing to do but to reproduce, I could never go past 500ish adults. The most people I had was 564 with 40 kids and then it went back to a maximum of 500 adults in the next few years. In this time period I did not have any plague nor any disaster that might explain the decline in population. The only explanation I could come up with is a population cap in the game code to ease processor and RAM usage. A response from the developers would be much appreciated.
  3. Population cap?

    As a follow up I can confirm that Cupidon park has nothing to do with the sudden population boom. It's more likely that there is a cap at 500ish nuggets until you start to create clones. It seems that when one or several matenators are released the cap is removed and everyone start breeding and building modern houses like crazy. I'm currently at 1360 nuggets and my city is more or less under control. The problem I am facing is that even if I destroy Tudor houses to make some room, modern homes are only being build on the outskirt of the city, which means less resources and more infrastructures. I managed to upgrade some of my stone refineries but cement still is problem.
  4. The Boxes are Lies

    I had the same problem with creator points. I was granted 1000 CP from a box but instead my CP went straight to zero.
  5. Population cap?

    Thank you very much for your reply. Once I had the clone center I released 5 matenator and the population went through the roof so I killed them but birth rate kept increasing. I'm not sure if it's the clone center or the Cupidon Park I had just built that triggered the fuck feast. At the moment with over 1000 pop I'm trying to keep things under control by promoting gay marriage among the youngsters (only the ones with bad traits) but birth rate is still very very high. I also cut off electricity in each and every house but it does not seem to make any difference. I might load an old save to see if Cupidon Park has something to do with this or not but I must say I'm actually enjoying the challenge. Food is not too scarce and no one is starving, so that seems okay for now. On the other hand modern houses building spree has caused my stock of refined wood and stone to plummet and as a consequence cement has become a severe problem (I can't build modern stone refinery without cement and cement needs refined stone). My nuggets might actually die of thirst due to the lack of modern wells before they starve. In order to preserve a small stock of refined wood and stones I swiftly build small shops (they only require logs and rocks) on top of modern housing, destroying the newest apartments in the process before my nuggets manage to gather enough materials to complete the buildings. The cement twist is definitely interesting and challenging, I will keep you informed of my progress.