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  1. Feedback and suggestions

    Hi there! First of all: great first impression of the game! I've been waiting for a good God game and this has been a very satisfying experience so far. I can't wait to see what the finished product will be like. Here is my current feedback: Creator Powers (general) I've been having some trouble navigating the Creator powers. Sometimes I think I've activated one but then I really haven't or I've activated the wrong one by mistake. It would be super helpful that once you activate a Creator power the symbol for that Creator power shows up on the screen so you know which Creator power is active. Also, it would be great if you didn't have to reactive a power every time you want to use it - for example, when you're trying to collect/move multiple items with the Telekinesis power. Instead, couldn't you activate it and then deactivate it once you're done using it? Creator Power: Le Cupidon I find using Le Cupidon a bit tedious, especially when you have more than six Nuggets and are trying to find one that doesn't have a partner yet. Instead of connecting two Nuggets that are running around in the village it would be easier if connections could be made through some sort of menu (that lists whether a Nugget is partnered up or not and what their character trait is - that way you can influence future generations' character traits more easily). Nugget List Panel When you call up the list of all your Nuggets, it'd be great if the character traits had explanatory texts when you hover over them. That way you don't have to click on a Nugget with that specific trait to see what it is about. Tasks/Prays I noticed that I sometimes found myself wanting more frequent tasks/prays to work on to give myself more to do during times of game play that are slower because you're waiting for something to develop or be built etc. Building List Panel When you call up the list of all your buildings and want to filter for certain building types the check and x mark are a bit misleading - I found myself trying to use it to confirm or unconfirm my choices, not to select or deselect all. This kept happening to me and I would always have to redo it. Also, it would be helpful if you could close a filter menu by clicking anywhere on the screen instead of having to click directly on the filter category. Archive (saving the game) The floppy disk buttons are misleading. Once, I wanted to save my game and figured the green floppy disk button would save my current game under a previously given name. Instead it took me back to my previously saved game and I lost half an hour of game play. News Archive If you cannot respond to a news bubble quick enough and use the NAME link it contains to take you to the person/place/building/object, it would be great if you could use the News Archive to do so. At the moment the News Archive does not allow you to click on the NAME to take you to the origin of the news bubble. Red/Green Circle Rating System The rating system can be misleading. When I looked at my happiness and crime level stats I couldn't quite figure out whether the rating system meant that the building was having a positive/negative influence on the general happiness/crime level or whether the happiness/crime level was good/bad for that particular building. Creator Points I found myself wishing for more ways to influence my Creator Points production, so in other words more ways to make my Nuggets love or fear me. In general, I find it more rewarding to be a benevolent Creator because you don't have to actively go and sacrifice Nuggets to get Creator Points. As a benevolent Creator it's easier to sit back, relax and focus on building and growing while the CPs come in passively. I think there needs to be more of a balanced incentive to also try being a fear-inspiring Creator. Also, it's hard to change course. When I was trying out my Creator Powers I accidentally made my Nuggets fear me and it took forever to get back into their good graces and thus more CPs. That's it for now. I hope this is helpful. I look forward to seeing this game develop