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  1. Medieval age

    Understood, now I just did the mission and I noticed the update to the medieval era. Thanks.
  2. Medieval age

    Hi, is it normal to get to the light mission without having reached the Medieval era? But above all how is it achieved?
  3. Nuggets colors?

    Yes, the nuggets on the spaceboxes, there are other colors or there are only these two? Then they change color if they mate with each other, funny.
  4. Nuggets colors?

    How many types of colors there are for nuggets? I found the blu, red and "normal now.
  5. Steam key

    They are fixing the problem for me, thanks a lot, you can close the topic. Thanks.
  6. Steam key

    Hi, I purchased the game and requested the copy for steam, but once it is all over I don't have the steam key in the options, but only the key for Crytivo.com. I didn't use the key, since I wanted the steam one, how can I do it?