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  1. Hunters don't carry the food

    Yes, every time I load the saves
  2. Hunters don't carry the food

    Still the same, from all my saves, they hunt but the food baskets remain with the animal, but other nuggets collect the baskets, eventually I check their bags and they are not carrying food https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cd09pn5tqhf06w/universim5.sav?dl=0
  3. I have more that 100 total units without problem
  4. I have a lot of herbs from farms, but hospitals receive patients, status for the doctor are healing patient, but they do nothing, neither medicines nor healing so health is declining for all the nuggets, hospitals are crowded or not working, I tried to demolish a hospital and build it again, even that is broken, hospital never got built (resources are not a problem) https://www.dropbox.com/s/sf6me96ctek877k/universim4.sav?dl=0
  5. this patch is very broken in many ways, I got the resources and the modern houses (and all the factories), basically update to modern era wood and stone refineries to get a lot of refined materials anyway airport is overrated right now, for tourist purposes, the planes fly around the planet and just that
  6. Hunters don't carry the food

  7. Still happening: they are hunting, but they don't carry the food after killing the animal, they come back to the hunter hut and forget about the prize
  8. Let's talk about transport in the Universim

    more like this:
  9. Hunter huts stoped working

    Great, they are hunting now (always max. 3 nuggets manual assigned) but they don't carry the food after killing the animal, they come back to the hunter hut and forget about the prize
  10. Buildings falling apart

    I never saw that, and I never use shifts with engineers, they are efficients, you only need cover all the ground with their engineer huts, usually condition worst value is 70 engineering will provide engineer hut updgrade, space for three nuggets, worth to try to progress on the research tree
  11. Hunter huts stoped working

    I demolished all the hunter huts, then I built one, three nuggets manual assigned and they are hunting again https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd8d641lxw1un0q/universim2.sav?dl=0
  12. Right now, with 0.33 patch we have only Hot Airt Balloons for amusement purposes only, transport for goods or nuggets is missing Cars and trucks look the logical pathway but a lot of them involve parking lots, highways, a lot of space in the planet , pollution of course, and maybe a problem of scale Other proposals, Airships (Zepellins) for material/goods transport and subway for the nuggets, airplanes for large planets A more bizarre way: clone nugget with both super fast speed and heavy lifter capabilities
  13. Hunter huts stoped working

    I mean I can reload, of course, but the behaviour of the hunters is the same
  14. Hunter huts stoped working

    save and reload not working https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9uvjksiqmjq09i/universim.sav?dl=0
  15. Gas use priority

    I have saves with 750+ nuggets in this patch , it's not a problem, and there are only a few matenators around :-)