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  1. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I did stream (never did before) , just because this game is amazing https://www.twitch.tv/etermes
  2. Question before purchase

    Intel i5 /i7 Kaby Lake or above, or AMD Ryzen 2600/3600 or above , 16Gb RAM, and Nvidia GTX 1070 or above (AMD RX580, or above), SSD or Nvme drive for 1080p resolution
  3. Trading bugged

    I can tell you, next patch will receive a major AI improvement, so if you feel overwhelmed with bugs, play the next, I hope next month
  4. Trading bugged

    Hi, do you have a save file to check? I play many times, I never had that problem
  5. Modern era is a chaotic process , because all nuggets want a new house, tall and shinne at the same time, but you can go through it, I did, I launched spaceships.... I agree about building priority (broken right now) and priority houses upgrades I can share my save file and you whatch it and you can share also, so I find out what is going on exactly, but as I said , it's a process
  6. Multiple save file deletion

    Hi there, you can delete from the path users/"user"/AppData/LocalLow/.../Saves all of them at the same time
  7. Doing Nothing

    this is a broken AI in the game, known as pathfinding issue, devs need to fix that , sometimes you place buildings too close each to other (or nuggets do, with houses) and AI get crazy about path, nuggets go to oceans, walk-stop behaviour, or stuck, even inside walls or rocks
  8. Question before purchase

    Hello, I think at the beginning of the game is enough, but later your graphic card is short to the task, they game is very demanding you would have to play all low settings
  9. how far along?

    You can't yet, I think many people use now Discord channels, and twitter to follow the progress and make comments
  10. Plant Trees Power

    It says Plant 15 trees, and plant a tree cost 2 CP, so maths are good, right?
  11. Priority Fail

    I agree, build priority is something to improve
  12. Taking a stroll/drive into the water

    Hi, this is the same issue as the nuggets stuck Doing Nothing, pathfinding issue, it's related to the AI of the game and still needs to be fixed it happens when they can't reach their destination, because something blocked it for a moment, I think, Like when they decide to build modern houses like crazy in Downtown, and everything is too crowdy, but eventually it happens without particular reason I have the issue also with Rehab center, enforcers with criminals lose the path constantly . and lose health in the proccess without reaching the center
  13. Still in 0.0.36 and yes, it takes too long to build buildings sometimes, resources are in the warehouse, but iron is not delivered
  14. Population cap?

    1360 nuggets is a lot! you are doing great, requirements fot that population are so high and there are many bugs in the game , still
  15. Population cap?

    I got more than 1000 nuggets, but I had to create matenator clones, I think is the key, plus all the things you did of course they eat as 5 nuggets, so you need a lot of raw food, and food courts or nuggets will die starving