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  1. Ambiguous: AI pathing issues - 3

    Is there a point in reporting pathfinding problems on current public release? I've got i.e. a building that can never be finished b/c no supporters can reach it, even though it's just close to other buildings (no mountains etc.). .. it's been in construction for 100 years.
  2. Status: escorting criminal

    The status is kept even when the perp is already in jail --- should be something like "In jail"
  3. If I enter a later-game house, i.e. a Tudor 4-story house, the interior still looks like the hut from beginning of the game.
  4. When a nugget gets arrested, while on their way to jail, they get status "escorting criminal" and the enforcer gets "Going to police station". I think the former status should be on enforcer, and the perp should have something like "being escorted to police station"
  5. Just got a notification that had the "LOC_"MinisterJob/*" in it... It seems that the defense minister has placed a watchtower - I click the watchtower hyperlink and it does nothing - I was expecting it to take me to the location of the newly placed building.
  6. Steps: Have a building Research "Shifts" Current behaviour: After research of "Shifts" completes, all my buildings receive 100% more assignment slots for the secondary shift. Because nobody is assigned to the secondary shift by default, after a short while all of my assignable buildings stop producing output. This requires me to manually enter each building and assign more nuggets to it, otherwise during secondary shifts everyone is "doing nothing" Expected: After research of "Shifts" completes, all my buildings receive 100% more assignment slots for the secondary shift. I see two options: Either if i haven't manually assigned nuggets to secondary shift, then the building operates on a single-shift behaviour (just like before the research). There are no shifts benefits gained for this building, but it doesn't go inactive either. or, after research completes, all buildings by default get auto-assigned nuggets to the secondary shift. This way it's less obtrusive and I can change assignments, but at least the buildings continue to work similar to what I had before research.
  7. Cupidon park never builds

    In my playthrough I unlocked refineries about 35 minutes after having cupidon, which is a lot of time ... I think the least we should get is some kind of prompt/help informing the player that constructions is not possible without X technology...
  8. I'm getting attacked, nothing I can do?

    I did reload to an older save and the RNG wasn't as brutal with me this time. However, I believe it's a bug in the game mechanics if so early, I'm given a challenge that is unsolvable. It decreases playability of the game. The solution is quite simple - don't allow the RNG to send raids until player has researched at least 1 countermeasure. ps: the powers are not a solution because the accumulation of points is so painfully slow that the raiders (4 in my case) destroyed almost everything I had before I could dispatch even 2 of them.
  9. I've placed cupidon park twice now - it never starts to build. Even if I use telekinesis to grab a tree and drop it on the construction site, it accepts the resource, but the number of timber stays 0/15. No nuggets attend the construction site or bring resources. I can provide save.
  10. This is my first time playing the game... I'm 2h in, and I've just been attacked by some 4 raiders (nuggets from other clan?) The game is showing me a prompt: "We're under attack, Gifhorn are raiding the village! Protect your civilization be" it cuts out at "be". WHen I click the prompt, nothing happens... I'm watching as the raiders destroy 2h of my work and there is nothing I can do.. at least the game is failing to tell me what I'm supposed to do. I tried telekinesis on the raiders, but that didn't work. I can't defend myself, the (?) help menu doesn't have a peep about this situation. Is my game over because of RNG?