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  1. Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

    Save your CP in early game focusing it reproduction and setting your resources (food,water, and building materials). Once around 25 pop they will take care of themselves. Keep building up your supply lines especially food and water build well ahead of what you need, this will save you later when your population booms a bit later on. I recommend building a block 4X4 of water reservoir this enough storage to keep you going for a while and if you ever run out of storage you use a rain cloud to fill up the 4X4 water storage. During this point you should be saving cp using sparingly to help keep you nugs alive or keep faith as close to 50 (and happy)as possible. 50 believers is enough to build cp decently fast. You can ignore the basic requests for healing as they wont help you all that much except to make your nugs love you more increasing the rate you gain cp (check temple). As you start spreading out it becomes cleaner to build a guard tower and engineers hut together. Make sure to build you restaurants, wells, schools and hospitals through out your civ for faster response to needs and to have storage for resources you cant produce in other areas. Once you have built a forestry you want to start focusing on using your cp to maintain resources like your lakes and wood. You can grow trees in the forestry area to increase the production rate of the building ( dont have to wait for trees to grow ) After that you are set to continue expanding rather steady with little stress other than trying to maintain food and water across expansive empire that seemed to sprout out of nowhere. Try to avoid using the TownHall unless you have way more nugs than jobs. Keep this up all the way to the modern age and start spreading out your reserves for food water and power around so that you cant loos all your supplies in a disaster Warning: Once you get to a population around 50 your population will explode and begin a cycle of booming they dying out a bit always have way more then you need. Be Ready to jump from 50 to 200+ in a matter of minutes. If you stay close to this strat it is very easy to maintain max cp, about half the population believing and loving you, good relations with neighbors and end a steady growing population Note you made need to help jump start your population if ever hit a wall the halts your momentum. Im sure I missed a lot but this how tend play the regular mode and can build a population of around 500 in around 10hrs I think maybe more maybe less. let me know if anyone has any problems or questions.