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  1. V32. Game Freezing. Severity 5

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700x It's a lot better on the dev branch. Admittedly I did have a major blue screen and some stuff got changed. Not caused by the game. There was still some stutter during the load screen so I thought it wasn't going to make a difference. But the game played fine all things considered. I see an output_log would that be the one? Gets a little confusing with two hard drives in use.
  2. V32. Game Freezing. Severity 5

    Since the game update. It now locks up or freezes even while during the loading screen. Bran new save file/game. Typically it does not fix while sitting on a frozen screen and the narrator doesn't seem to notice the entire game has locked up and will finish talking if he has started as though there are no problems at all. Making it somewhat more confusing. Music and sometimes other sounds will still play as normal as well. It can happen as often as every 20-30 seconds or a minute or so apart. It does seem to get worse as I play as I try to place objects and am guaranteed a freeze. Alt-tab from the game and it instantly fixes the problem. Even before the screen flips over to whatever other window was last used I see that 1 second where its flying through the load screen or the game begins to run as normal. This makes it difficult to tell if the game is half working while frozen as sometimes nuggets will very quickly walk to new places or leave huts at much faster paces than the game is set at. For just a few seconds as the game sort of catches up in whatever time was likely lost/used while frozen. It makes it really hard to tell what is actually happening or what I may have missed unless it's a drastic change like someone dying. I am unsure how to reproduce this for other PCs as I only have one pc. A restart or other checks do not seem to fix the issue. I also realize that screenshots will not help here and unless I can somehow make a quick video to share here, there is no way for me to show the issue. OS: Latest version of Windows 10 AMD Radeon RX 580 Series. -- Since my amd graphics card is often the source of certain issues. Everyone builds on Nvidia sources. I was unsure what QAB was so I'm on Alpha V. I have no pending updates for anything as of this post.
  3. Poll for you playing Universim

    First time playing and steam says I been playing around 8 hours. I believe that's true. I've been in a single game this whole time. I've started encountering odd "stops". The frame rate just dies completely for around 10-30 seconds or more. (I didn't actually time it.) I tried lowering all the graphic settings just to see if it would help. But it does not. I cannot tell what the actual problem is and I haven't had the chance to read through the forums about it either. I have to assume it's this AMD Radeon card failing me again in terms of gaming. Otherwise it's just that I can't seem to get gain more than 43 believers at a time and keep them. Even 50 isn't half the current population. I can't tell what I am doing wrong or what I could do to get creator points more easily. If I am spamming them all the time to get more believers I don't have them when I actually need or want them.... There's no stats available (That I could find.) to help me understand if the nuggets love or hate me either or who is a believer and who isn't. Unless I'm just missing something there then it's totally my own fault.