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  1. This is little but if you are able to get in contact with that narrator, it would be fun and funny and like an easter egg to make him say some comebacks/remarks at the "Touch" screen. For players, who aren't touching the touch button, if they are a youtuber or twitch streamer saying "what if I don't want too?" or if they are taking to long to touch the touch button for anyone in general. Thought it would add some humor to the game in the intro, really flesh it out and be all organic like.
  2. 1. I found this weird turbine glitch/bug last night. It's for the turbine wheel, when I click the name when you hover over the finished build of the wheel, it makes another one appear. Like you are about to place one and it was stuck to my mouse, and I did it again and it generated another one and they were inside one another stuck to my mouse when I went to the menu and what not. I could only get rid of it by saving, leaving and then coming back. 2. I didn't pay attention to my 1st built of the university but when I did, it had my Nuggets, about 3 stuck in the door. I let it slide and kept going, but over time there was dead nuggets over there. 3. Minor freezing skips/Lag, when my population is going up and it's more bustling and I try to see the other half of my town it decides it wants to jerk on me and freeze for a moment. Annoying but I got over it. I never had it like this, I know it's the game itself cause before some of the patches the game ran VERY slick and smooth a TINY skip but nothing that felt like a loading period for 5 seconds at minimum. It happens when I ONLY try to view other very large parts of my town. Just being in one fraction is good, no problems. Just transitioning. 4. I noticed this, thought it was unusual. I had a close to 20 labors be at this one construction site flashing their over their head hammer icons and other icons to display their job they are about to leave too. All was stuck in one place at the site, I know they were trying to clear or inspect or drop off resources but the construction was blank. Just the square fence and acting like they are about to build with the flashing hammer icons when they haven't put any resources to start putting up the wood and stones and etc yet. This only happened once, in the medieval era. It took time for them to disperse out but it sure did look like they weren't. 5. Just to state I'm glad they fixed the bug where the students wouldn't leave the school when the alarm was rang to go to bunkers for safety but now they do. The only thing I'm confused about and feel is a bug/glitch based off older patches, is the rate of how many educated nuggets you can get. Before this patch I believe, I had 2 pages worth of educated nuggets with just the school and only two schools in my whole community, when it was at 100+ almost hitting 200+ so I don't understand why now I feel like it's taking longer for my nuggets to get educated. An when the students transition to the next kid nuggets needing a education the previous nuggets are nowhere to be seen when searching for them in the in game search engine. I thought THAT was unusual and weird. An the more I see nuggets transition out I have one page and when the medieval era was going by smoothly to my knowledge I only had 3 I could find. to my knowledge I don't believe they died they could have but the rate is weird and seems buggy and imbalanced. Cause again based off from the patch before the modern day era patch the schools were REALLY chucking out educated nuggets that I built a 3rd school just because. For now I'm assuming I just need more schools to get more nuggets to go to them, again though it seems like it's slow getting the nuggets educated when it was very easy before. Again if it was on purpose I just gotta find a route to make more educated nuggets possible if the Dev's felt it was to easy getting educated nuggets before. Also thanks for looking into this, just general things I experience but besides this. I'm enjoying the game and making my own solutions to things and riding things out. Hopefully these can get looked into to see if it was based off my choices why some of this stuff is happening. Or if it's the game needing some more fixes.
  3. Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

    A tip for Creator Point regeneration. Don't use it, learn to have your speed on max when building buildings and what not. Stop it when necessary for wolf attacks and raids to examine whats happening and to just think in general on your next move. Your nuggets are highly efficient, put down the important things they need 1st like more water, food, and engineers. They will take care of the rest. At best you need CP for re-growing trees or changing the seasons back to spring or summer if you don't like the snow. You will still be at 800+ to 900+. Regeneration is fast, enjoy viewing what your nuggets are up to and not think about it much and enjoy how the nuggets work like ants to get the buildings up, so you can enjoy the process and not have the urge to help a lot. Hope this helps, it's my permanent, play style I fell into and love it. I have 1000 cp's ALWAYS! Also 1000 is the full cap, I think last time it was 400 from last year if not then that's just something I felt was in the game.
  4. Creator Points Regeneration

    Love to shed light on to the CP regeneration. For me in the beginning before the patches of late last year and early 2019 up to here and now I did have problems. For me I thought of it as I'm not use to the game so let me see what my play style is, after the patches came I felt like I did see change in regeneration. Also felt it was also cause of my playstyle changing to for the better, I can say the CP is VERY generous in Universim. I played today after the recent modern era pact and got to MAX a womping 1000 CP. My trick? Don't use your CP! I don't force anything, I believe like humans my nuggets should think for themselves and they are HIGHLY efficient, also I keep my speed maxed ALWAYS when building and waiting for research. I do feel the research speeds up a lot when the forward button is pressed. Cause I do believe the Dev's made research a long side of the same speed your nuggets are working, so I assume it goes fast when I have speed on and stops when I need to do alarm for tornadoes and sandstorms. Again though, don't use your CP all willy nilly, I say use it for growing trees for more refined wood cause that will still keep you at 900+.