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  1. Nuggets Don't move bug

    I have also had this occur where nearly all my nuggets had frozen in place and would not move. Have not had this re-occur though on my last 2 playthroughs.
  2. Poll for you playing Universim

    The bugs I have experienced are. 1. Population decline after medieval era once I activate shifts and allow my nuggets to run things, the highest pop I have managed to get is 220 before inevitable decline of doom. 2. My cement factory would not be completed, it was the only thing I had that needed to be built but nuggets would not supply it with refined stone (which I had over 50 of) Not sure if this was related to low pop and nuggets just not having time though but they completed other buildings before it just fine and it was sitting there for hours. 3. Not game-breaking but sometimes research would randomly complete even though it had a few minutes left or was only halfway through. 4. On my first play though 90% my nuggets randomly froze (again in medieval era), haven't had this issue repeat though.