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  1. bug in version 0.30.23398

    ok, just let me know, you can send me a private message of a email you have and i can send it to you that way
  2. bug in version 0.30.23398

    i think i find it, but i can't send it here, the file is 6.08 MB big and i can just send 3.91 MB
  3. bug in version 0.30.23398

    where do i find the savefiles, i dont find them in the universim folder in the steam librairie
  4. bug in version 0.30.23398

    I am at the end of the game and I am trying to build the cement factory, the glass factory and the hot-air balloon, but my nuggets are a supportor and not a constructor, they will carry refined wood and refined rock, but do not touch the iron, it stays in storage, even construction that not need iron does not work, did you know this problem?