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  1. Ennemies included

    How on earth didn't I think about it? O.o Or - perhaps I did try and fail, I'll try again...
  2. Ennemies included

    Oh ... indeed, I don't have the research yet ... I guess I'm dead then and should begin a new one researching the watchtower quickly...
  3. Ennemies included

    Hi guys, I discover v0.0.30 with pleasure, I even begun a brand new game with it. I got surprised when I got attacked, 3 little guys are throwing javelins at my buildings and destroying them - slowly - but one by one and all of them. I find no army control, I would love to tell my peeps to kick some javelin-throwers arse, but I might have missed the tutorial about that. Also, I looked of course in my powers, and I can basically ... make rain on them. They are rugged, they don't care. Any idea on how I could keep on playing without dying stupidly from three dudes and their infinite javelins ?