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  1. game lags/skips

    It will start again. Guessing the lag comes from GC struggling with memory leaks - easiest way to force it is Create Tree god power. For the devs, if you up 'maxRange' and 'treesPerUnit' it will further exacerbate and hopefully make it easier to debug - In 29.22386 I saw 50ish MB per use of Create Tree. With maxRange 11 and treesPerUnit 15 it was 100-150MB per use. In 30.23398 I see 100-200MB per use of Create Tree. With maxRange 11 and tressPerUnit 15 it is 200-500MB(Not sure why it varies so wildly) per use. Worst max seen so far is the game starting to force swapping as it hit 27.9GB working set and not releasing it back. Problem is its so easy to hit this limit even with default values, since these leaks also exist with building creation and flora manipulation(Guessing Actors as well, but much harder for me to track). Was present in 29.22386 as well, but many-fold times worse in 30.23398.