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    Alguy1 got a reaction from Stronkie in Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim   
    For help with food production. Here are a few tips
    -Use the different food sources available to you! Don't only place farms or fisheries or hunters huts because you can run out of food between harvests, it doesnt produce large amounts of food and you can kill all the animals on the planet respectively.
    -Place 1 Farm per place that serves food right beside that place. Your nuggets will then not have to walk very far to get food.
    -Read the description of each crop! You might accidently plant a bunch of herbs if you dont.
    -Watch out once you upgrade to taverns! Raw food use is doubled!
    That is all I have regarding food use and I hope it will help with the guide
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    Alguy1 got a reaction from Socks1w in V30 Gravedigger running around   
    I noticed any job that is a transport job has this issue where they pick the stuff up but never deliver it.