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  1. Grad Students

    I'm sure it's really bad form to reply to my own first post, sorry. I have uploaded some annotated screen captures along with all the saves from my current attempt at this game to dropbox. The saves are roughly every 100 years. The save names are self explanatory, ignore 'su7', 'w' means Wind power, 'pNNN' population, 'yYYY' year. Saves get very big so download at your own risk. The Captures folder has a few screenshots, I'll add more as I go along (only just discovered how to do this, duh). Steam says I've played 226 hours, eek. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qurv1relemjdub6/AABkpogFeTV3VBK1_HgQ41PQa?dl=0
  2. Grad Students

    Ditto, the education system is fairly broken. As is farming. I get endless messages about crops withering, being neglected etc. Clicking on farms, I frequently get messages that there is no farmer, but there are at least 2 or 3 clearly farming. Plagues of Herbs filling up the warehouses, plagues of hospitals and watchtowers if I'm silly enough to assign nuggets to those government roles. Many visual bugs such as nuggets walking through water, through buildings and failing to negotiate inclines. Buildings melding onto each other. Modern buildings which won't build because they have resources (stone/wood/food) inside their metal walls stopping the nugs that clear sites getting in. Oh, and resources management in general needs some work - as others have noted, the carrier nugs waste a lot of time taking long routes to places they shouldn't even go. I've seen them taking food from a farm to a warehouse the other side of town even when there is plenty of closer warehouse space available. I would rather see these things improved than have to deal with meteors destroying my hard work ;-) I have been unable to maintain a population much above 600. There has been no expansion for centuries. Is there a built-in limit, either to their geographic expansion, or the total population? Tried to upload some screenshots, but "Upload Failed" even though I reduced their size to fit the 3.6Mb limit.