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  1. (V30) Ministers Building stuff inside lumbermills

    Yeah... I just want to fire the ministry of education but it won't let me. Nuggets walk up to the entryway & just stand there until they die - I had to use telekinesis to drag 10 of them out of there. And I'm desperately trying to upgrade water pumps & it keeps trying to divert resources from that (which I can't prioritize) to build a college that'll trap nuggets until they die. So I'm constantly destroying them "new" buildings.
  2. Hitting Escape precisely when election results are announced "sticks" the celebrate/whateva display to the screen. It won't go away without exiting the game & the buttons aren't clickable. Build 3362814 Alpha Version 29.22386
  3. Collection of bugs

    Looks like raising it to 50 instead of 15 works
  4. Collection of bugs

    Town Hall - Auto-assign nuggets doesn't work. It just says the guy is eating or whatever & the number will read something like 43\15 and there are buildings that remain unassigned when nuggets die.