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  1. Collection of bugs

    Hey everyone posting to this thread, I'm not sure if the mods are following it or not, so if you have new bugs, it may be prudent to make a new post to make sure the mods see it. All I see above is that they saw my initial post, I haven't seen responses from them since. I just wanted to throw that out there to make sure they're seeing your additional reports and are able to follow up on them. I don't want to see anyone else's reports get lost in the forums. Hope this helps, Rex
  2. Collection of bugs

    Awesome, thanks for the update. Oh, one other thing that isn't a bug, but kind of struck me is that when two nuggets decide to get married, it says "Those poor fools." at the end. There's a part of the that thinks its funny, but I thought about it a little more and wanted to pass on my reflection. Right now in the U.S. we have a divorce rate that's somewhere in the 50-70% range. A lot of marriages involve children and it's been proven that households who have 2 adults produce a more stable environment and more well-rounded and productive children than single-parent households. I'm a really firm believer in the law of association, which says, "Whatever you spend the most time around is going to affect you to do that thing or be that way." So if you hang out with drug dealers, you're likely to become a drug dealer. If you hang out with relaxing people, you're more likely to become more relaxed. That little marriage message seems to pop up a lot in my game and every time I read it, I feel like I'm being influenced to dislike marriage and all the benefits it provides and accept our ever increasing divorce rate as the norm. Maybe you guys have different life experiences and I doubt you guys put this much thought into a little line. I probably would have written something similar if I had to to make the same announcement, but I just wanted to pass this food for thought along. This game is going to be played by thousands of people and you're going to be influencing them hundreds and thousands of times while they play this game. I would like to ask you to change this line, maybe to something more like, "Those lucky lovebirds." or something. It is a good thing for the player, their civilization is going to grow, so why not make the message a good one too? Thanks for your time, Rex
  3. Collection of bugs

    When reviewing assigned Nuggets on buildings, more often than not, I can't see their info when I hover over them. It pops up for a split second and then goes away. Moving my mouse off their icon and then back over it gives me another less than one-second blip of the popup. - This seems to happen when there are other buildings behind the info panel about the building and its assigned nuggets. If I'm looking at a building on the outskirts of town with nothing behind the panel, it seems to work correctly most of the time. Minor Bugs: In my happiness menu there's an item called LOC_" with a countdown timer valued at +20 happiness points I have no idea what that label means. When I'm clicking in the upper right region of the screen, from below the God Light button over to the Wiki Help button, I've had times where I've clicked on those buttons while my cursor is nowhere near that area. It's like the clickable region extends out into the player viewing area instead of just being limited to the button itself. On my screen, the region is maybe as far as 1/5 the way down my screen and maybe 1/3 the width of the screen from the right. Note that this isn't consistent, it just happens randomly. There's something in the Happiness menu called Absolete Fear. It has no point value. I'm also not sure if you meant to write Absolute Fear? it's the same with Absolete Love.