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  1. Froze Nuggets - Construction

    I updated my drivers yesterday, it did not solve the problems. On the other hand, I took a little patience and I waited, and it seems that some constructions that I do when they are too far away, the nuggets do not build them because I think I did not have enough nuggets workers and focused on the buildings closest to them. I had to destroy and re-build when the nuggets did not want to build some buildings, and they ended up building it .. I do not really know if it can be part of a bug .. or just the fact that I did not manage my nuggets properly, for now my game is working properly. I will come back to you if any time I re-encounter a problem.. I will still try to put you the link of the backup if it would ever come from a bug.. Thank you for you answers
  2. Froze Nuggets - Construction

    Hello I contact you because I have problems when I play at Universim, I love your game and your graphics are beautiful! And I take great pleasure in playing it. I started the first part, I came to a population of 300 nuggets and suddenly they all froze, and stopped working and feeding. Then I started a new game again, this time I got to 400 nuggets and then they started not to build some buildings anymore, so I can’t move forward as my population grows. I was wondering if you had a solution so I could move on? Edit : I’ll try to see if my video and audio drivers are updated, if that’s the case I don’t know where the problem is.